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Isn't it funny how suddenly Button is a marmite driver. It amazes me that we British (anyone whos not; I can understand your envy, so you are excused ;) ) always want to put down our countrymen, especially when they are successful as individuals (teams get away with success slightly more.

Then, on the flip side, you get articles like this:

http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/motorsp ... 022027.stm

It is nothing new to those of us who have supported him for years and nothing we did not know about the way he drives. We know that he has problem adapting to rubbish cars, we have seen his brilliance in well balanced cars, or when the weather levels all the teams out. It is good that Ross has seen his potential though and that Honda really knew it as well.

What it does say to me is that the Brawns haven't quite got the balance correct, they are close, but something isn't quite there or I feel Jense would have won China as well. Maybe it is the fact that there have been no updates on the car yet, and when they do get the new parts on in Barcelona, those niggles will be ironed out. If this is the case, then it means the rest of the season may be a foregone conclusion, but even as a Button fan, I don't want that, I want him to have to fight for it, but ultimately to win through.
Sadly it's the British way to put down winners and root for the underdog.
Look at for example; Steve Davis who was widely loathed, Chris Eubanks ditto (although I can see why ;) ), Lewis Hamilton, etc.
And yet "Eddie the Eagle" was praised as some kind of hero.
I've never really understood it myself.

Bahrain was a good test for Brawn as they had cooling problems and even cut out parts of the rear bodywork.
Jenson still won it fairly comfortably though, although things might have been different if Vettel had bothered trying to pass people on track.

Once the Brawn updates are applied though, the season could be all but over.
Personally I'd like to see a fight to the final race like last year. Much more exciting.

With regards to that article, I'm glad it mentions car and driver working together.
People all too often say it's just about the car but as we have seen it is how both parts fit with each other.
This becomes evident when you look at Jenson and Rubens in last years car in which Rubens overall had the upper hand and yet this year Jenson is clearly ahead after just 4 races.
No, I can quite understand it with Eubank. I had a friend in college that he ran over in his truck, the bloke is an utter p%$ck.

Yeah, I was glad about the mention of car AND driver, although to me it is obvious that you have to be better than your team-mate at least to be beating him (unless you're in a Renault and Flav doesn't favour you).

Even Rubens makes a mention of Jense's talent (comparing him to Schumi) and to me, he is seeming much more consistent now that he has the car underneath him.
The media are unhappy, they've lost their Henman figure now the lad's winning! We all knew not to judge Button on his driving in a god-awful car in the last 2 years and more on the driving we saw in the second half of 2006 and through most of 2004! He has had a shocking agent for a long, long time, but he's clearly got the ability to fight for the Championship. Whether the Brawn will be good enough all season, or he'll be able to match Vettel if Red Bull get parity is a different question, but to quote Harry Hill "There's only one way to find out..."

Maybe Chris Eubank is a little weird!

But I can't understand why Frank Bruno was admired more than Lennox Lewis, what the Henman thing was all about, and why the England captaincy 10 years ago went to Alan Shearer, captain of congenital losers Newcastle, rather than Tony Adams who captained the double-winners! Its all this loser-worship that British sport seems to love and the media look likely to lose a loser (if you know what I mean!)
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