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I couldn't think of a topic, but I'll start with...

1. The car numbers of the WDC top 10, in order are:

  1. 22
  2. 2
  3. 1
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 3
  7. 23
  8. 15
  9. 11
  10. 12
Which year is it?

2008 - LH, FM, KR, RK, FA, NH, HK, SV, JT, TG

2. Who was on pole at the 2000 European Grand Prix at the Nurburgring?

David Coulthard

3. This graph shows a driver's WDC positions over his career.


Who is this driver?

James Hunt, 1973-9

4. When Olivier Panis won the Monaco GP in 1996, who accompanied him on the "podium"?

David Coulthard and Johnny Herbert

5. This pie chart shows the Constructors Championship for a certain year

CTA II.jpg

The colours are not meant to be helpful - Which year?


6. How many races have French drivers won?


1/2 a point for 75-84

7. Who was the last person to win a race for Michelin in F1?

Fernando Alonso in Japan in 2006

8. This picture is wrong.

What year does the car come from?

1999 - its the 1999 Williams!

9. Who was the sole Brabham starter at Pirelli's last race?

Mark Blundell in 1991 in Australia. 20 years after that race Pirelli will have one of the same drivers - Michael Schumacher - starting in Australia

10. Name the 5 teams to use Goodyear in their final race in 1998 for 1/5 of a point each.

Williams, Ferrari, Jordan, Sauber and Tyrell
wow, 7 and 3/5, just missed Q2 and Q9. I was surprised that I remember the exact number of French wins.
This quiz looks like an exam, with graph and picture analysis :)
3 and 2/5ths
For Q7 I thought FA won thier final win, I misinterpreted it and then thought Massa won in Brazil, thier last race. I'm giving myself a point for that :p
1 & 7/10

7 tenths above my usual score!:cheer:

However, for Q.6 I was only one year out. I feel that only getting 1/2 a point for that is quite harsh. A possible grading of the fractions would have been nice..:whistle:... might even have gotten me to two points! LOL
Ooops! Sorry, not years - I meant races. Hehe.. :embarrassed:

I can't even joke about getting a poor score, without getting it wrong! :rolleyes: Can't think why I always struggle with these marvellous quizzes! Can you..? **shrinks away quietly, hoping no-one notices** :whistle:
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