New race uniform regs to come into force this weekend....maybe..


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This is a bit of a mish mash of a post, I don't have any concrete evidence of a change but twitter is going mad right now.

From what I can make out the rule is something to do with McLarens ever changing overalls. Also some posts about Lotus, Virgin and HRT been the only legal teams.....

Does anyone have any concrete info on this as I'm yet to see any links.

Feel free to delete this thread if it turns out to be a load of twitter twapp.

Selected tweets on the unknown subject.....

cmckinleyF1 Connor
So as it stands it looks like we're going to have a 6 car race on a monsoon hit race track on Sunday in Germany ;) #F1

GrandPrixDiary Grand Prix Diary
Now the FIA have deemed most of the drivers overalls illegal, will they please have a word with Alonso about his bloody stupid great hat.

MarussiaVirgin MarussiaVirginRacing
Today's issue relates to the legality of drivers' overalls. Don't expect it to be big.

charlie_whiting Fake Charlie Whiting
HRT, Virgin & Lotus are the only legal teams. This is going to make knock out quali quite interesting. #f1 #facepalm
I have heard this too on another forum

What happens if 9 teams are disobeying the rules? I mean it's only overalls come on! They should be checking them before every race!
Wow - just when i thought the FIA were finally getting it right. They go and do something daft like this....

Surely nine teams won't get their race results dropped just because the overalls are illegal, that'd be crazy!
Few more tweets have come in and it seems it relates to the FIA badges not been embroidered onto the uniforms. Most teams are using a patch instead.

What is F1 coming to? I think this might be better off in the pitwall forum as its not really race related.

CroftyF1 David Croft
Of all the stories you expect to hear, overalls that don't conform to the regs because the FIA patch isn't embroidered on, isn't one of them

CroftyF1 David Croft
More tomorrow in FP1 when I expect the situation will be sewn up, if you pardon the pun. Might we see some drivers in new race suits?
As I understand it, the overalls don't conform to the regulations as they don't have an FIA embroidered patch.

I mean really... :rolleyes:
Some of the McLaren designs on their overalls this year have looked like Pyjamas, so perhaps maybe some sort of stupidity check may be in order..? :D
Here's an update:

FIA's regulations state that a badge that confirms drivers' overalls comply with the governing body's safety standards should be 'embroidered' onto the neck collar.

However, the overall suppliers of the three teams involved in the matter are believed to have used a screen printing process instead - which is not strictly allowed under the wording of the rules.
Might this influence the fire-retardant properties of the overalls? I can't imagine how it would, but why else make a fuss about it?
I don't think it would, as it's the same screen printing process they use for the various sponsor logos.

I think it's just a case of someone being a jobsworth, making sure the FIA patch is applied as per the regulations.

All we need now is a protest against the race results in which "illegal" race suits were used...
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