Grand Prix 2022 Japanese Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

this weekend is the return to 1 of the great circuits & countries on the F1 calendar. Suzuka so many iconic corners & most of the drivers favourite place on the calendar, should be no surprise with corners like the S Curves, the Degner's, Spoon curve, 130R, & Casio triangle. although Sky F1 were bit optimistic, doing the usual line before previewing the next race
"remember what happened last time"
no actually it was 2019, alot has happened since, Hulkenberg was Riccardio's teammate at Renault last time we raced here

intrestingly the Origins of the Suzuka circuit, have their starts at the isle of man TT. Soichiro Honda primary objective was to observe the Isle of Man TT Races with his own eyes he discussed this when going over to the UK "It was when I first went to see the Isle of Man TT Races in 1954. What amazed me was seeing machines running with about three times greater power than we had been considering. From Italy, Germany and England, they all came together to the Isle of Man and I watched them shoot off like arrows. Not only were these machines unlike any we'd ever seen before, we'd never even dreamed of such a sight. When I went and saw that, my first reaction was a shock of disappointment. I had gone there after spreading talk all over Japan about how Honda would enter the TT Races, so this was a terrible shock to me." he would enter in 1958 for the 1st time & he would take a minor victory in 1959

Soichiro Honda, made a speech in later on in 1959 in a push to keep his success during a meeting to propose the construction of Japan's 1st full-scale road racing circuit "I want to have a venue for motor racing. Automobiles cannot be improved if they are not put through their paces on the racing circuit." The layout for suzuka had featured 2 hairpin turns & 3 multilevel crossings was originally completed in August 1960, but due to rising construction expenses & other setbacks, layout had to be revised to the 1 we see today. A ceremony commemorating the completion of Suzuka was held on September 1962.

the opening event for the newly finished Suzuka Circuit, All-Japan Road Racing Championships took place 2 months later, an event that still take place to this day. they had expected 100,000 spectators on each of the 2 days. Instead, according to reports 270,000 people came out to witness the 1st event of this kind in Japan. but the weather gods weren't kind to them as the 1st day had a torrential rainstorm, according to Honda historians, men & women in suits & dresses were covered in mud & the local shops completely sold out of socks & underwear. the racing went ahead regardless the most historic thing that happened that day was a certain Ernst Degner who was the 1st person to crash at the new Suzuka circuit, when he fell at Turn 8. otherwise now known as the Degners

but back to the present day, this is the week when we are all expecting that Verstappen becomes a 2 time world champion, to say he would deserve it, is an understatement because he hung in at the start of the year took advantage when ferrari where the better team with great consistency. & Then was in a league of his own after the summer break with some outstanding drives

also on personal view its great i cant watch this race live for the 1st time but getting up at 5.30am before my most busiest day of the week. i may regret by 2pm LOL

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Rather than a delta time a maximum KPH should be established for double waved yellows and (V)SC periods. Then we’d also negate the issue of cars that have established a good gap having that wiped out under Safety Cars. I’m guessing there is a valid reason that’s not implemented?
they have that in WEC/Le Mans that if you go through a slow zone. pit lane limiter always is engaged. not sure why technology hasnt made its way to F1


also on the points The Artist..... was sunday, the 1st shortened race to see the chequered flag as all shortened races i can remember finished prematurely. meaning that it was an archaic rules that never been used before because it had never occurred
50kph is only 30mph, depending on whether there are single yellows before the doubles even with the stopping capabilities of todays F1 cars coming unsighted out of a high-speed curve that figure may not be possible, even if it is then with two or more cars nose to tail could cause an even more serious problem even a serious accident.
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