Grand Prix 2021 Qatar Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

As F1 continues its carbon emission busting trip around the globe and the season enters its final 3 races, logic suggests that with a 14-point lead, Max Verstappen remains the favourite to take the title from his arch rival Lewis Hamilton however, after Hamilton’s superb drive in Brazil an 8th title for Lewis remains very much a possibility.

In a season disrupted by the ongoing global pandemic Liberty Media promised us 22 races and if that means hosting races in whichever country has a track and stumps up the cash then by God, they’ll deliver on that promise.

This weekend the F1 glitterati find themselves flying halfway around the world (11,865km to be exact) from Brazil to the middle eastern country of Qatar. Already building up to host the 2022 FIFA world cup this event marks another coup for the Gulf state.

I promised myself when I was typing this write up that I would be fair and balanced so I will definitely not mention the human rights issues going on in that region.

I will not for example mention the 6500 migrant workers who have died in Qatar in the last ten years constructing the FIFA world cup facilities.

I also will not cover the fact that the massive building program of new tourist and stadium facilities taking place in Qatar is mainly being undertaken by a workforce of 1.7 million migrant workers. These workers are treated like modern slaves. They have their passports seized on arrival, live in squalid work camps and in some cases are abused, have their wages withheld and are forced to work long and punishing hours. These workers are paid on average $220 US dollars a month

Then of course we won’t discuss the experience faced by the LGBT community which could face punishments of up to 3 years in prison for any expression of affection. Worse still, under Sharia law they could face a death sentence.

Of course, we won’t talk about woman’s rights which are extremely poor. Women face no legal protection from domestic violence or rape in marriage. Women must obtain permission to marry from a male guardian and face all sorts of legal hurdles in relation to divorce, childcare, employment and other rights.

As I said, to be fair and balanced we don’t need to discuss any of these issues and I’m certain that the rights abuses in Qatar will be rightly and vocally condemned by the teams and drivers throughout the weekend. Especially as the F1’s #weraceasone programme promises to create positive and lasting change in local communities.

All that remains to be said is I hope everyone enjoys the race and it turns about to be a thriller.


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on separate sporting point. thing that really annoys me about qatar & world cup is the dishonesty. how they bid for summer world cup, knowing full well that it would be impossible to deliver. as the july temperatures averaged 41c (37c lowest - 47c highest) . Qatar disregarding all the other dirty tactics that the FBI have detailed over the years & wont go into here, i mentioned the war but i think got away with it. shouldve been honest from the start. said its impossible for us to host a world cup to fit in with the european season, so we will have to move it to the winter


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Money is the root of all evil as they say clearly they have plenty and no doubt some form of bribery involved

Even David Beckham has been asked to promote the World Cup in Qatar for no doubt a lot of money even though he does not need it


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From what I remember the Moto GP races there is only 1 long straight at the start and finish line a bit like Bahrain unless I am mistaken as the Ducatis always rockets past everyone else


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1 of my friends told me about this. i was surprised to say the least. because qatar & saudi dont look like the circuits you want to start 6th/7th on & then Abu Dhabi from the videos looks quite good for overtaking but last thing you want is a grid drop & start out of position at the 1st inter team title decider for 9 years

Johnny Carwash

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Where they got the inspiration to design the track from.
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