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Midfield team of the year?

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Not including Mercedes in this because quite frankly their shoulda been alot closer to the top 3 than was achieved this season.


Their finished top of the midfield scoring board but quite frankly with resources they've got i really do think the team could have finished higher. What probably was their downfall was replacing Heidfeld in mid-season. Could they have finished with more point if he'd still been around? Having said that Senna has done ok since coming into the team.

Force India:

Awesome season Adrian and Paul have put in a fantastic effort to get the team within 4 points of Renault. The team has been much more consitant this season than in many other seasons and are now starting to become regulars in Q3 on a Saturday.

Sauber Ferrari:

Yet another team who i feel has had an awesome season. With Kobayashi and Perez they've got a young set of lads who have done very well this season. Kobayashi has been in Q3 on a couple of occassions this season and Perez has shown that he can make his tyre's work on a race day and making sometimes a one stopper work.

Toro Rosso:

Red Bulls Junior team. After a quite awful start to the season Alguersuari and Buemi have worked their butts off to drag the team to with in 3 points of Sauber Ferrari. Both have worked very well this season as a pairing and i really hope both are still with the team next season.

Who is your Midfield team of the year?
I have gone with Renault. They have had some pretty big problems to deal with and are essentially rebuilding a team whilst the others have afforded a stability and consistency. In the face of this Renault have been brave and innovative in thier design and have achieved a full rebranding. I expect to see the new Lotus in much better competitive form next year based on thier perseverance and hard decisions of 2011. Thier spirit, I think, has been admirable.
I think all four had reasons to feel they had a good season, but Force India introduced virtually a new car mid-season and developed it impressively, so I've voted for them. Renault started brilliantly, but the following three quarters of a season was a disappointment.

P.S What, no Williams?! :whistle:
Renault's development was shocking, and they did nothing at any track with slow corners.

Hmm it's difficult to understand where they went wrong seeing as last year they developed their car so well, especially with around the 20-or-so iterations of the front wing they had.
Force India for me. They have a problem though, in my opinion they would be nuts to drop Adrian Sutil - a vastly underrated driver. Also, they have Paul DiResta, a talented, but uninteresting driver - his interviews are like Night Nurse ZZZZZzzzzzz. :sleeping: Why does he remind me of the late, great Colin McRae????

Hulkenburg is decent, but not better than either of the two mentioned above. Where am I going with this?

Sorry, I don't really know:dunno:
Hmm it's difficult to understand where they went wrong seeing as last year they developed their car so well, especially with around the 20-or-so iterations of the front wing they had.

That's easy. Forward facing exhausts turned out to be an unreliable inconsistent unmanageable dead end. I still applaud them for the ingenuity though.
I know that even the best teams go down blind alleys, but if there really was so little potential in the system, I'd have expected a team like Renault to have spotted that, maybe? Perhaps my expectations for that team are now out of date.

Full marks for effort though.
Force India have shown the "Slow 6" that it is indeed possible to claw your way up the order in modern F1. They're my Midfielders of the year without a doubt.
Hm...tricky one.

Renault: well started off great, but have had major problems all around. I thought the Front Facing Exhaust was cause of their problems, before they came out and admitted it, turned out I was right, maybe I should apply for a job there? Maybe not, if I do one thing wrong I might get bad-mouthed constantly then replaced :snigger: Their first half of the season wasn't what I would classify as mid-field. Their second half though, I would, and they were poor. Their strategies have been poor, their updates haven't really worked, blaming the drivers constantly and not getting the best out of them. A bit shambolic really, so I won't be voting for them. But they impressed me nevertheless in the first half of the season. One word to describe their first half of the season? Impressive! Second half of the season? Abysmal.

Force India: they came out with a typical midfield car at the start of the season, their drivers weren't that great at the start either. Second half othe season they turned it around with major updates. I think their drivers did a better job in the second half of the season aswell, probably the best driver pairing out of the mid-field teams. They, unlike a lot of teams this season split the strategy a lot this season, it worked in their favour most of the time. Also, nearly forgot to mention, their pitstop times was one of the best! Word to describe them? Solid.

Sauber: start of the season had the best midfield car. It also looked as if they had the best driver pairing of the midfield runners at the start. Different strategies to the rest, Kobayashi seeming to be coming of age, amazing consistency, Perez joining whenever he could. Dropping the EBD late on in the season hurt them a lot, and their massive update in Japan also seemed to be a bit of a let down. They were unlucky with the disqualification in Australia where they scored handful of points, and one of their drivers missing out on two races where one of their Sauber cars scored quite highly in both of the races. Drivers were at times victims of the team trying to have a pitstop less than the others. The team were victims of the drivers colliding a lot.

Toro Rosso like Force India, typical midfield car at the start of the season. Seemed as if one driver of theirs was carrying the team and getting the results in the first half of the season, while the other was just poor and on the verge of getting replaced. They did the best they could in the situation, remember, this team doesn't have Sauber's amazing facilities which they inherited from BMW, nor do they have a partnership with Force India, they are alone now without the help from Red Bull, and are building a team effectively from scratch. Buemi did well in the first half of the season, Alguersuari struggled. the team was steadily upgrading their car bringing them a little closer to Force India and Sauber. Suddenly one of their drivers started getting results, while the other was getting plain unlucky. They brought a major upgrade at Spa where both cars looked good for some solid points finish, but both got taken out through no fault of their own. From that upgrade onwards they have some great pace in the races. Their strategies have been average, the team is starting to come along nicely with these two onbaord. I think they did really well this season.

All 4 have had great seasons, but due to the great consistency of Force India in nearly every area, I will give it to them.

Also, this is mini team reviews, watch out for my full 2011 team reviews the stuff I posted on here might pop up in the full ones ;)
I think at the start of the season it was Sauber and Force India who were overperforming, as the year went on though Force India firmly won this and i honestly feel they finished the season as the 5th best team. Wonder whether they'll push on in 2012.
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