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Would be nice to hear some anti-Vettel commentary for a change but I don't care. Sky will be where I'm watching as normal.


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They described his condition on the radio about an hour ago as "Satisfactory" what ever that's supposed to mean?

It's hard to tell exactly what happened from that clip but the car looks a right mess doesn't it?


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Well those were some terrible replays. Hearing that Mark is fine, bruised and battered and doesn't remember anything from the accident but could be a lot worse.


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When I saw it, his stunningly similar prang in 2003 sprang to mind. Although he hit and destroyed a tyre wall on that occasion.


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So just finished Mark Webber's auto biog Aussie Grit and would recommend it.

He's very honest about his abilities and performance and he comes across as very loyal to his partner and family.

His close friendships with Flavor, Bernie and Lance Armstrong do raise a few eyebrows though.


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I'm amazed by the number of people that consider Bernie a close friend rather than a devious, manipulative, scheming megalomaniac.

So many minions twisted around his little finger.


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RasputinLives Haven't read it myself but rumours were he was not so complimentary about the Red Bull management .

I am not surprised he like Alonso see Flavio Briatore in a different light to others because Flav was the one who got him the Red Bull seat and was responsible for helping his single seater career
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