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I'm a little puzzled as to why Webber doesn't have a page in the teams and drivers section, as Webber is a pivotal figure in the story upfront. There are questions that need to be asked. Why can Vettel win, and Webber struggle to get on the podium fighting Ferraris and McLarens? Why is the man that was noted as a good qualifier unable to get near Vettel? Did the leg break in late 2008 do him serious performance damage? and What should Webber do in the near future?

Mark Webber. Over to you...
A lot of sportsmen have one great moment. Mark Webber was a world beater for a week in 2010, during the Spanish and Monaco Grands Prix.

He was only in the Championship because his more talented team-mate made mistakes. Vettel is not making mistakes this year, ergo Webber isn't getting near.
A lot of sportsmen have one great moment. Mark Webber was a world beater for a week in 2010, during the Spanish and Monaco Grands Prix.

He was only in the Championship because his more talented team-mate made mistakes. Vettel is not making mistakes this year, ergo Webber isn't getting near.
Pretty much the way I see it as well.I still think that Webber will be at RB next year and then all change for the new regulations.
That is unless the FIA delay the chassis regs to fit with the new engine in 2014.
I think Webber was hyped by his rather powerful manager, Flavio Briatore, in the early to mid 2000s in an era when the driving depth at the sharp end was not as strong as now. Since then Hamilton, Kubica and Vettel came along and replaced Montoya, Villeneuve and Coulthard respectively.

So whereas Webber was a 'qually specialist' vs lesser opponents and as a result was 'delivering' to some extent, the quality of opponent is higher now (in my opinion).

It's said - and agreed - in this thread that Webber was a 'world beater' for about 1 week or 8 or 9 days in 2010. Sadly it's also known that Vettel's chassis had a slight crack in it in those races (Spain, Monaco) among other problems.

In any driver pairing someone will lose. That is the nature of things. Before 2010, Webber was hugely out-qualified by Vettel and it's been that way in 2011. Funnily enough, Webber was closer in qually to Vettel last year than any other year. Perhaps 2010 was Mark's peak?

In the end, Webber is a decent Number 2 but probably not in the Top 5 (or Top 6 if you include Kubica at his pre-accident level.)
Mark Webber won 2 races in 2009. He followed this up by 4 wins in 2010, headed only by Alonso and Vettel with 5 each.

He also famously secured 5th place in his first F1 race, driving a Minardi. He also outscored his teammate in 2002 to 2006 and 2008.

During most of his career he has been known as a qualifying specialist and has driven a variety of cars, form the worst to the best on the grid. If you wanted a good, honest, always gives his best driver than you could do much worse. He might not have as much of the natural talent as some others but he lacks nothing in determination.

Edited to give correct number of 2009 wins.
He's sort a Jacques Laffite/Carlos Reutemann type figure for me. He could lead a team but would never seriously contend for a title (he might be there or there abouts but you know in your heart it won't happen). He's a good, solid driver who will win races and he now seems to have found his place in Red Bull. I'm sure in his mind he's a winner and a potential World Champion but when he's up against, Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton he's always going to come off 2nd best.
It all depends upon which brush one uses to describe Mark Webber. Sometimes drivers are said to be well over their actual skill level. That said with Red Bulls situation, there is no better second driver to have than Mark, think he suits the role well and picks up where Vettel leaves off. In short a good contribution driver.
His Six Career wins:

2009 Nurburgring
2009 Interlagos
2010 Barcelona
2010 Monaco
2010 Silverstone
2010 Budapest

In the three of those circuits that they've returned to, Seb Vettel won the next event!
His first win was his greatest, imo.

His two middle wins came when Vettel's chassis reportedly had a crack in it.

His last win he drove out of his skin to make up for losing position to Alonso at the start...but only won thanks to Vettel's Safety Car penalty.

Unfortuanately, he's been dominated by Vettel since Silverstone at this time last year (including at Hungaroring). That's 12 straight months of getting pounded. His demeanor has certainly changed over the last 363-odd days. Like Day and Night. Sad.
The Off-Throttle EBD ban might change the pecking order...or it may tighten up the grid. This could be opportunity for Webber...or it could be a nightmare.

Opportunity in that he might close the gap to Vettel...Nightmare in that he may get out-qualified by both Ferrari's and both McLarens and find his average starting grid position to be 5th or 6th ... or even 7th (on certain circuits).
Webber is so overrated IMO, he's a good driver but he's a number 2 at best these days.
Plus him been good at qualifying is a load of bull, he's not been that great at it since his Jaguar/Williams days. Since joining RB it hasn't been all that great.
Webber didn't do too badly at Silverstone. Pole and then snapping on Vettel's heels to the chequered flag.

I'm glad he ignored orders. Having said that, RBR were right to call orders from a team's perspective...but it was also important for Webber himself to keep pushing to the end.

Webber's now 2nd in the WDC for the first time this season and he's done reasonably well since not making Q1 in China.

I think Vettel's first pitstop and then being stuck behind Hamilton on his 3rd stint definitely aided in Webber being on top of Vettel at the end. Still, the Aussie accounted well for himself. He just needs consistency.
Red Bull seem quite happy with him to stay on in 2012. Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner hopes that the fresh team orders row with Mark Webber at Silverstone does not hurt the chances of the squad renewing its contract with the Australian.
Horner has vowed to sit down with Webber to talk about what happened at Silverstone, and he said after the race that he was keeping his fingers crossed that the incident did not have implications regarding a deal for next year.
AUTOSPORT understands that team and driver have been on course to finalise a one-year contract extension that would keep Webber at the British-based outfit for 2012 - although it is not yet signed.
Red Bull seem quite happy with him to stay on in 2012.

Re-signing Webber seems like a sound decision. Webber's a fighter!

Webber likes to push and be aggressive and is almost as fast as Vettel most times...and faster some of the time. That's a good thing. It will keep Vettel on his toes.

Newey also likes Webber...and he likes the feedback Webber provides him while being within about 2 tenths of Vettel. That's 2 resonably decent base-lines for Newey to work with.

Plus Webber is the Devil RBR Knows. Better to keep him than sign, say, Felipe' from Ferrari...or to promote Buemi from Toro.
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