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I read his autobiography a while back and he had a different take on the Renault story there. He claimed be wanted to drive for Renault and Flav wanted to sign him but Renault bosses were keen on Fisichella and therefore it wasn't to be. I also don't remember him talking about the Ferrari thing in there either but that doesn't mean be didn't just that I don't remember.

I do remember him completely glossing over his close friendship and training camps with Lance Armstrong though ;)


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obvuiously you would've to listen to the interview the whole thing but he does go into huge detail, about the whole situation more than just the highlights I can remember over the 50mins. he says that he wasn't as close with Alonso as made out. but for me it would be a case of Flavio & Renault wanted different people. I'm assuming if webbers heart overrule Flavio would've gotten what he wanted

Lance Armstrong is a strange one, because nobody can be blamed he fooled almost everyone its probally the biggest deception in sport. he was an family man, inspiration to millions with the livestrong foundation & thinking these achievements were amazing considering his life on the outside. but all the time he was a vindictive spiteful cheat living a lie, who was will destroy anyone who dared expose it


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RasputinLives I do remember Webber admitting he will listen to Flav about career choices after his Williams period ended on a poor note

You know the Renault bosses thinking Fisi was better than Webber is the first time I;ve heard someone over ruling Flav over his choice of drivers
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