Head To Head Jenson Button vs Lewis Hamilton

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Hamilton has had a mistaken reputation as a car breaker since the first few races of his debút season.

I explained here why that was a ridiculously incorrect label: http://cliptheapex.com/threads/lewis-hamilton-racer-or-reckless.780/#post-9672

Nothing has changed as far as I can see.
There is nothing to suggest he has less mechanical sympathy than any other driver.

There is however anecdotal evidence to suggest that he suffers more punctures, mechanical failures and collision related retirements than other drivers in the same machinery.


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racecub - You can't compare the situation. Button's team are in a situation where expectation needs to be played down to avoid complacency. They're pushing into the unknown.

Hamilton, meanwhile, has arrived at a team with less downforce than his old car - its easier for him to know where to go because McLaren had been there - at McLaren.


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How do you mean,'pushing into the unknown'? They've been a front running team for decades! They ought to know by now where they're heading surely? They had the fastest car at the end of last year!


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Last night on the (Sky?) interview with JB..He was about to speak, when he was asked "What are the positives with the car?"..He was tongue tied.....I think he was just going to have a good whinge about lack of grip etc.....He was then asked..if he couldn't think of any & he mumbled something about...there being so many , he couldn't single one out....summat like that....:D

Two comments on Sky today after Lewis' interview at lunchtime..
Nyla text/tweet...'I love how blunt Lewis is, it's refreshing to hear a driver who regularly forgets PR filter.:p
.Mike Wilson replied...'Here's another..."I don't like driving in the rain, generally-unless it's racing, I like racing in the rain.":thumbsup:
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