Head To Head Lewis Hamilton vs Valtteri Bottas

Apologies for going wildly off topic.

Ohhhh, they're rotax 122 engines, are you guys using the delorto vhsb34ld carbs still? If you are, is playing with the needle the right way to go to eliminate the 5-6k rpm flat/dead spot?

(don't worry, I'm not a rival kartist, I just have a couple of rotax engined aprilia motorbikes...)

And to bring it back on topic. One of the mercedes drivers will be faster than the other this year.

No, Rotax came out with the EVO kit last year and it has a new carb and igniton with electronic power valve. It runs great with no flat spots all the way to redline (14,100 rpm in DD2) and isn't very sensitive to weather changes.
Ahhh, ta very muchly, looks like ignitech/zeeltronic programmable ignition is the way to sort that out then. The aprilia's had the electronic PV from around 1994, from watching the rotax 2017 video, the carb and barrel are at least still outwardly the same. I'm sat here with a barrel next to me in need of lining/replating, after my bottom end let go in a fairly spectacular end of working life fashion last autumn.
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Interesting though it may be is there any suggestion that either Bottas or Hamilton will be taking part in the Rotax Max series?
Incubus I guess if Lewis Hamilton had changed his name to Valentino Rossi then the team might accommodate his wishes more

the solution around this conundrum is if the Mercedes drivers were allowed to race as they choose and not run parallel strategies for two thirds of the race which is ultimately what will keep Hamilton happy

But having said this before the season started Lewis might have put himself in a spot of bother should Valtteri be very close to him in terms of pace

I am trying to think drivers who left teams because they realised sharing data was not a good idea - Fittipaldi springs to mind because he realised he was helping Peterson using his data to beat him
Another example of journalistic cheating.
Thinking out loud Hamilton in the breaking of journalists
and subsequent discussions turned into "request" :)

Hamilton is not expressed anything criminal.
The degree of openness of different parts of the garage
was discussed for a long time ago
As a rule, anything emanating from PlanetF1 on any subject should be taken with - how should I put it - a healthy dose of scepticism... ;)
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