Isle of Man TT

Well, not exactly 2013 but not too far away.

Friday November 1st ITV1 10:35pm to 12:40am TT: Closer to the Edge

A documentary following the 2010 IoM TT races and the riders, one of the riders featured is Guy Martin who is always worth watching and listening to.
Thanks for the heads up Bill Boddy .

The title rings a bell but I' can't remember seeing it. Saw something call "Close to the Edge" which was good. I hope this one is not the usual IT4 presenter-itis job with Parrish and that other bloke filling the screen in between 10 second "blipvert" shots and tedious slow-mo's.

I missed most of the TT this year because I just couldn't tolerate their hatchet job coverage. The most irritating things was their insistence on trying to commentate on the races as if they were short track sprints. TT races are more of a narrative and, IMHO, best related as a story. After all, in reality each lap is like a mystery tale, with the true positions of the competitors only known when most of them have crossed the start/finish line and sped off down Bray Hill again.

Two hours worth so hopefully it's a good one ...
I was over on the IoM for the mountainbiking, which happily coincided with the southern 100, without a doubt the most batshit crazy racing event I've every been to, Church bends (once you're in, you can't get out until the roads re-open) was the most amazing specatating experience I've ever had.
I was going to post something on this myself but on a negative note.

141 riders have been killed since the first TT in 1907. Isn't it about time something was done about this? If this was an F1 event it would have been scrapped years ago until something was done about safety. The 141st rider killed was this week.

Surely enough is enough?
You can almost guarantee someone will get killed every single year and yet people love it, that just goes to show that my philosophy on life is one hundred percent correct, nobody really gives a shit as long as they are being entertained, the Romans knew this one and half centuries ago when they built the Colosseum....
I love the Isle of man TT by the way and I wouldn't change it for the world, the blokes that ride there are hard men proper balls out couldn't give a shit If I died men, not like the namby pamby wrapped in cotton wool F1 drivers of today's ilk, throwing their toys out of the pram because they didn't win shit, try putting your life on the line **** heads and you will just be glad you finished in one piece...
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Did you see this from Tuesday. Ffffffuuuuuu....their tyres actually touch. 22 seconds in.

Dunlop almost being taken out by Hutchy at 100mph. Both very lucky.
Michael told Yamaha their bike is shit after this run and went back to BMW.
Watch how quickly Hutchy disappears after he passes Michael.

Titch if the riders and organisers thought like that then there would be no TT next year, they all know and accept that they may get killed doing it, that is what makes them so special.

Stop being such a girl about it..;)
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