If you could see any race.....


I was wondering if someone out there had always been curious about a certain race or wanted to see a personal favorite from years gone by and never had a chance to see it again? I can't make any promises but I might be able to help you out during the wait for Hungary.

So if you have a race from the late 70's onward that you're very interested in, please let me know in this thread and we'll see what we can do.
One race that has always been a bit special to me was the first race I can remember watching, albeit I can only remember certain details, rather than specifics.

It was Monaco, and I cannot remember who won, however, I can remember Rene Arnoux breaking down, and he climbed down the wall to sit on the edge of the harbour, looking rather disconsolate.

If anyone can tell me when this was, that would be great, and seeing anything of it again would be nice.
Andyoak - Classic Rosberg. I've got several highlight packages from that one. It was basically two separate races for Keke. The first part consisted of slicing through the field to take the lead. The second part was recovering from a spin off the circuit due to oil. I should be able to find those videos soon.

Here he is charging to the finish.

Still looking for the overtakes at the beginning. Might have to post them again.
Monaco 82 is strangely enough the first specific race I can recall watching though I was 18 so not exactly young. This is the one that got me hooked. I watched lots of races before but never really followed each season, but just watched the occasional coverage (& it did seem to be pretty sporadic - perhaps a section in 'Grandstand' through the 70s?).
So Monaco 82 for me.
85 Kyalami ... awesome Keke

Was that the race that announced the Honda turbo as the weapon of choice for 1986 ... and scared the bejesus out of the rest of the competition ?
1979 Watkins Glen Grand Prix - Friday practice .. (the race too but the practice is something I have read about but never really seen)
Olivier - I've got Watkins Glen 79 Highlights from the BBC that run 29 minutes. I'll get those posted ASAP. There may be a few minutes of Practice coverage available on Season Review videos, but probably not much, if any. I'll have a look though.

FB - I believe I received that request before, July 7, 2010 to be exact.:D Luckily it appears the videos I posted 3 years ago are still up and running on YouTube. Probably because Bernie doesn't own the rights to 1980....

I'll start you off here, but all 13 parts are still available.

Race Starts on this video
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