Future F1 Races Thread

Great news if Turkish Grand Prix is returning, was a great circuit & turn 8 without doubt is 1 of f1 greatest corners up there as good as Pouhon Maggotts/Becketts, Parabolica, Tabac & Eau Rouge. Because that was such a challenge near flat out four apex 180 degree corner i know just from playstation how tough it was because you have to be perfect in any of 1st 3 apexs as slight error you either have lift off or lose more time going wide

Turkey, there's is no better place on earth, a country in which democracy thrives and human rights are a valued.

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, politics has nothing to do with sports, so lets get on with it.
To be honest we cant say much about historical politics as we wouldnt race anywhere Azerbaijan China Italy Germany Russia USA Bahrain Abu Dhabi Brazil all have dodgy histories or dodgy politicians
It was a sarcastic reference to Turkeys current situation not historical as you say we would not be racing in most countries as they all have had plenty of blood on their hands and not only those you mentioned because you are forgetting two countries namely Japan and the U.K. - or as it was referred to in past times: "The Empire in which the blood never dries".
If Scotland goes independent will there be a Scottish Grand Prix?

Oh aye cannae wait for 146lap irn bru scottish grand prix at knockhill. It will :censored: all over your silverstone


:D :D :D
Anything could piss all over Silverstone.
That race is made by the people, not the circuit, these days (well, at least 25 years).
Here's 2018:
FIA announces World Motor Sport Council decisions

All change in the Caucuses! Sochi takes Sepang's slot in September; Baku slots in to April. Baku's empty June date goes to Le Castellet. Does that mean the French Grand Prix will be a single week after Le Mans? I suppose it neatly bisects Le Mans and Le Tour, so might well get a page or two in L'Équipe.

Most media reports have attempted to pretend that Hockenheim continuing to occur in even-numbered years is news. Shanghai and Singapore are both asterisked. I suspect Singapore will make it; I struggle to have the same confidence about Shanghai.

No proper shocks though.
True. That'd be France/Austria/GB. Not sure that the best way to attract higher TV viewership is to put a triple-header up against the globe's biggest televisual sporting event, but what do I know?
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