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Force India

Discussion in 'Teams' started by FB, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. FB

    FB Not my cup of cake Valued Member

    Force India

    FIA Entry: Force India F1 Team
    Car 14: Adrian Sutil
    Car 15: Paul di Resta
    Engine: MercedesV8
    Team Principal: Vijay Mallya
    Technical Director: Andrew Green
    Race Engineer Car 14: Brad Joyce
    Race Engineer Car 15:Gianpiero Lambiano

    Stats as of end 2010

    First Entered 2008
    Races Entered 55
    Race Wins 0
    Pole Positions 1
    Fastest Laps 1
    Driver World Championships 0
    Constructor World Championships 0

    Team History

    In 1991 Eddie Jordan made the leap from the lower formulae to F1 with the Jordan Grand Prix Team. Jordan Grand Prix raced with varying degrees of success until 2005, taking part in 250 Grand Prix, winning 4.

    In 2006 Jordan was sold to Canadian businessman Alex Shnaider and was rebadged as Midland F1 – entered as the first Russian Grand Prix team. Midland had little success and by the end of 2006 the team was sold to Dutch car sports car makers Spyker and the entry changed to Spyker MF1. Spyker were as unsuccessful as Midland and at the end of 2007 the team was sold again, this time to Vijay Mallya, and Force India was born

    Force India

    For the 2008 season Force India used an updated version of the Spyker car, designated the VJM01, married to Ferrari engines. Adrian Sutil and Ginacarlo Fisichella were the drivers with Vitantonio Luizzi as the tester. The season wasn’t massively successful, Sutil missed out on potentially scoring points at Monaco when Kimi Raikkonen crashed into him, otherwise the highest placing they managed was 10th for Fisichella in Spain.

    Mercedes Power

    For 2009 Force India moved from Ferrari power to Mercedes engines. With the same drivers as 2008 the early part of the season showed that Force India VJM02 had made steps forward in performance. Sutil ran 6th in China, before aquaplaning off the circuit, and was as high as 2nd in Germany before another coming together with Raikkonen as he exited the pits. The Belgian Grand Prix at Spa proved to be the high point of Force India’s season. Fisichella, to the amazement of many on the grid, put his car on pole and brought the car home 2nd only to leave the team to substitute for Felipe Massa at Ferrari for the remainder of the season. Sutil followed up Fisichella’s points scoring exploits with a 4th in Italy now partnered by test driver Luizzi.

    For 2010 Mercedes engines were retained, as was the driver line up the team ended 2009 with. The VJM03 was another step forward for the 2009 model and Force India scored points regularly in the mid-field. Sutil managed the teams highest race finish with a 5th in Malaysia and the team ended the season 7th in the Constructors Championship


    Test driver Paul di Resta replaces Luizzi for 2011 in the VJM04 chassis. With continuing support from Mercedes High Performance Engines and McLaren Applied Technologies Force India are looking to head the mid-field in 2011.
  2. teabagyokel

    teabagyokel #dejavu Valued Member

    The first team, I believe, to score their first pole before their first points who did not score a pole on début!
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  3. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor


    Love Force India really think the team are a cool team, they give drivers a chance, look at Sutil he been with the team for a good few season and is still their. Really hope VJ and his team can be in F1 for many years to come and now Di Resta's with the team i can really see them getting better.
  4. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

    Force India are 15 points off the amount that had this time last year and need to score more than they've already scored in the remaining races to equal last season total. This looks like it'll be the first time in the teams history that they will have done worse than the season before.

    This time last season Sutil had 35 points and Liuzzi 12 - Sutil is on 24 and Di Resta is on 8 so I guess Di Resta is just about proving better than Liuzzi did against Sutil but only just.
  5. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

    Sorry to double post but found these 2 snippets from the Force India drivers interesting - taken from BBC gossip page:

    Di Resta says:

    Paul di Resta believes a decision on his future with Force India will not be made until later this year. "There is no movement yet," said the Scot. "There are obviously talks, which will be ongoing, but nothing has been generated, no decision has been made." (Press Association)

    Sutil says:

    Adrian Sutil says it would be "great" if he could stay at Force India next season.

    full article and interview here: http://www.formula1.com/news/interviews/2011/9/12491.html

    Sutil making far more positive noises about staying at Force India than last season where you got the feeling he'd only stay if nothing better turned up - I guess thats what having a highly rated test driver does to you. Di Resta not so much of the Force India positive but I guess thats negociation. You'd think Sutil has to be safe with his recent performances but sometimes its money doing the talking.

    You have to guess that both of them(3 if you include Hulkenberg) must be praying for either a Schumi retirement or Rosberg/Button contract talks to break down so they can push themselves forward for a seat further up the grid.
  6. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor

    Brill to see Di Resta get some more points on the Board today, surely another points finish in Singapore will all but cement a seat with Force India for 2012?
  7. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor

    Force India got both cars in the top 10 shoot out for the first time this season. Go Paul and Adrian :) plus VJ must be very proud. Chance for at least one of them to score points tomorrow fingers-crossed.
  8. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor

    Fantastic drives from both Paul and Adrian today 6th and 8th respectively and a double points finish for the second race weekend in a row :).

    Surely Adrian and Paul have got contracts with this team next season. Hurry up VJ and announce them for next year now :).
  9. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    Don't think VJ thinks Adrian should have one since he nearly came to a standstill to let Hamilton by!
  10. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor

    LOL - what was the point in Adrian keeping Hamilton bottled up behind him when Hamilton was clearly on better tyres and was much faster. I think Adrian did the right thing by letting Hamilton through, as did Rosberg and Di Resta too.
  11. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    It wasn't so much that hammy!

    It was more like this...

    Adrian: "After you"
    Hamilton: "no after you *kiss*"
    Adrian: "no mi'lady I insist!"


    Would like to see Hulkenberg in the car though, seems to be his talent is going to be wasted :(
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  12. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor

    Agree with you on Hulkenberg, but i think Sutil has done enough to earn himself at least another season in F1 and it would be a mighty massive shock if Di Resta was given the boot considering what a brilliant debut season he's having. Unless Sutil joins another team next season i can't see Hulkenberg getting a seat at FI next season. But would certainly like to see him back in F1, someone of his talent shouldn't be sitting on the sidelines getting splinters in his bum he should be racing!
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  13. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

    Yeah I thought the 'you're my mate so I'll let you through' stuff from Sutil was a bit wimpy on his part. Theres being passed by a quicker car and putting up a bit of a fight and theres rolling over and asking for a belly pat. Sutil's was the latter whislt Di Resta showed him how it should be done - don't take away from your lap time but make them go the long way round.

    Got to say if you're the boss at Merc watching your 'junior' team wondering who to bring in just in case Schumi retires or Rosberg leaves then that would have been a big tick in the yes box for Di Resta
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  14. Bill Boddy

    Bill Boddy Professional layabout Premium Contributor

    Fighting against a driver in a car which is over a second a lap faster than yours before the advantage of DRS is not an appealing thought. If you are going to be overtaken anyway there is a point in getting it over and done with quickly so that you lose the minimum amount of time. Sad, but there you are.

    Just think of how boring the last laps at San Marino in 2005 would have been if Schumacher had been able to use DRS.
  15. no-FIAt-please

    no-FIAt-please Champion Elect Premium Contributor

    Apparantly FI will be renamed Sahara Forcia India after Indian sports promoter Sahara India Pariwar took a 42.5% stake in the team, the same amount that Vijay Mallya currently owns, the final 15% is owned by the Mol family. Interesting that Mallya doesn't retain a majority share...

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  16. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor

    When's FI gonna stop messing us about and name Paul Di Resta as one of there drivers next season.
  17. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    Paul Di Resta is moving to Marussia that's why...
  18. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor

    Both cars in the top 10 shoot out for Pole today, good job lads now turn it into a double points scoring race :).
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  19. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor

    LOL, hadn't seen that one.
  20. HammydiRestarules

    HammydiRestarules Di Resta fan :). Contributor

    Any their did :) good jobs lads and well done Paul for making a one stopper work :).
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