Caption Competition Fernando Alonso and a hat


Not my cup of cake
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"I am the greatest, I am the greatest, I am the greatest"
"awww man it still won't fit. Guess my head still isn't big enough"
"hey guys, tell me again how much quicker than Massa I am"
Alonso's latest tweet:

"Good day everyone!!! ; ) ; ) ; ) today I do hat bigger!!! : ) : )
Tomorrow I go to helmet enlargement clinic ; ) ; ) ; ) Enjoy !!!!!"
Er... no no-FIAt-please it was just me impersonating an imaginary tweet of his.
Did I not make that clear enough? Blimey, there could be legal implications here... he might sue me for impersonating him?...
Anybody at CTA knows a good sollicitor by any chance, just in case?
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