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The old featured thread block at the top of the forum index has now been replaced with a custom developed add-on.
Threads can now be featured, edited and unfeatured from the thread tools, by those with the relevant permissions.

Featured threads will be indicated as such on the forum view and thread view with a [Featured] badge.

There is also a dedicated page listing all currently featured threads here:
I have updated the add-on and featured threads are now shown within their specific forums.

My next job is to get an overview page of featured threads working, which will be the precursor to a pseudo-portal or home page.
I'm currently working on a big update for this add-on.

For those of you who aren't members/logged in there, this is what the end result will be:

Ignore the style, that's just the default style on my development installation.

My ultimate aim is to make this into a home page which is possibly more useful/interesting than the one we have now,
Looks really good Brogan! And I suppose it could encourage occasional visitors to post if they have an opinion about something on the front page.
Thanks mjo, I'm hoping that seeing snippets of posts is slightly more interesting than just a list of forums,

We need more frequent thread creation though to make it work.
The home page looks great..!
I like the featured threads home page. I like seeing my name/avatar there. It's like seeing my name up in lights! :embarrassed:

Must try to think of other things to write about... :thinking:
For anyone who wants to see their threads featured, the first post really needs to have enough content to fill up the block.

One line posts aren't suitable unfortunately, no matter how interesting the thread may be.
I like the new look.

Where there is a forum linked to a particular website (Bikeradar, F1 fanatic being but 2) there are a selection of posts shown to attract the user to entering the discussions. When you are dropped to the new landing page, you get a good feel for what is going on. I think it is a real step forward, like reading the front and back covers before getting stuck in to the details!
I should also point out that once there are more than 10 threads featured, the oldest will be bumped to page 2.

So get writing you lot :D
The home page looks great..!
I like the featured threads home page. I like seeing my name/avatar there. It's like seeing my name up in lights!

Indeed. I was especially chuffed myself when I logged on to see "You Only Stig Thrice" featured. Downside was the feeling when it no longer appeared! C'est la vie.:D

Edit: Not unhappy by the way since other threads I start pop up which is very nice and very encouraging. It makes one feel one is doing something worthwhile. Where's the warm and cuddly smiley? Oh, yes ...:aww:... that'll do.
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Can you feature a post too? And would it be worth it?

I ask only because some in depth answers are real crackers!
Unfortunately not as the code only works with the first post and would require quite a bit of rewriting to get it to work with other posts.

I agree that sometimes it's a shame that the first post of an otherwise good thread makes it an unsuitable candidate.
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