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Do you use the home page?

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I think we should abolish the featured threads just because then I would have the most featured threads in the stats section ;)

That would be until someone with the power to feature threads turns all megalomaniac and features every thread he's ever written to ensure the record is his and his alone !!!!



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I'll go with the majority and what works for everyone else on this. I just hope it all goes smoothly when it happens.


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Oh it will go smoothly. Brogan is good at this.

I'm sure he is, I'm just thinking about the TSB server swap and then the wonderful new train timetables they brought in etc. I have no doubt Brogan is better than that from what I've read about him.

Bill Boddy

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I use the Home page but it is just an easy centre to get to places, it could be done without.

Just one thing, ensure that any upgrade is done well away from any major race. Yes, I know that is being pessimist but on the other hand when ny daughter told me that terminal five at Heatrow I told her to book so,e holiday, the same when the travel agent told me that the new software for the tickets in Malaysia 2009 would work even though it had not been used on a smaller event first and...well there is a long string.

I am sure that everything will go well but being a pessimist I am never disappointed when things go well.
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