Is it that time already?


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Once again, it is time for the end of season thank you thread.

I'm early for a change.
I figured I would post it now as site activity drops off quite rapidly towards the end of the season, meaning some would otherwise not see the thread.

A massive thanks to all the moderating staff, err I mean you FB, for keeping things running smoothly.
Thanks for hanging in there chap.

As always, we are extremely grateful to Galahad for the overtaking data, which continues to be a big draw.

F1Yorkshire for stepping in to run the FF1 Cup - it was touch and go whether there would be one this year.

teabagyokel for Team Mate Prediction (again).

CTA Fantasy F1 for running another superb FF1 season :whistle:

All of the GP discussion thread writers (teabagyokel, mjo, RasputinLives, FB, Greenlantern101, F1Yorkshire, ) - I have enjoyed reading them all.

canis for the server, which has performed flawlessly (as always).

Mike for the XenForo software, which gets better with each and every update, and the OTDB and FF1 interfaces.

Chris Deeming for teaching me PHP so I could write the add-on we now use for the home page and featured threads.

Anyone who has had a thread featured.

Last but not least, all members and contributors, without whom the site wouldn't exist.
Who would have thought we'd still be here 6 1/2 years later.

(Apologies if I have missed anyone...I am quite old, you know.)
I know I haven't been active on here much in the last 18 months or so, but I don't have as much time anymore than I used to and also my interest in F1 has significantly diminished. But I'm still pretty often reading stuff on here and I want to thank everyone especially Brogan for making this possible.
I would also like to express my thanks to Mr B for giving me something to keep me off the streets of an evening and to all the members who make this a very interesting place to be and who, on the whole, are a pretty well behaved bunch.
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