Notice Guest writers wanted for 2014 Grand Prix discussion threads


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Tell me about it teabagyokel I believe I was struck down with that self same illness yesterday evening after I'd got "drunk for peace" having returned to the bar after being on parade at the Cenotaph in my home town. I spent a chunk of the evening (and missed part of the GP) shouting for Huey down a big white telephone. The only reason I can think of for this is "gastromenteritis" and absolutely not the numerous shots of Pussers rum that were downed in memory to those who could no longer be with us.


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*pokes his head out from under a rock*

Sorry I missed the deadline for the discussion thread F1Yorkshire. Its been intense times in the Rasputin household I'm afraid.

Hopefully I'll actually get to watch some motorsport this weekend and possibly get on the old Clip The Apex. I mean.....who else is going to write the pointless article that no one will care about on Will Stevens for the Drivers section? ;)


Leave me alone I'm on Smoko
Am I? Cool. I'll get on it like sonic!

Edit - Done

Brogan - I wonder if its worth having a Formula E subsection in General Motorsport if we're going to have discussions for each race. Just a thought.
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