Notice Guest writers wanted for 2014 Grand Prix discussion threads


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As most of you are probably aware, we have dedicated discussion threads for each Grand Prix.
This is the archive from 2013, for example:

Once again we are inviting members to compose these threads.
They can be as serious or as witty as you wish; all we ask is that you try and post a few paragraphs, rather than a few lines.
This is especially important if the thread is going to be featured.

We have a minimum two week lead time for most threads, the exception being the back to back races, which is obviously the Sunday evening after the GP and seven days prior to the next race.
The dates below therefore are the latest dates by which the threads must be posted. They can of course be posted earlier than these dates, if you wish.

Please do not apply if you are unable to have the thread posted no later than the dates below.

So if anyone wants to volunteer to write one or more threads for this season, please post here.
If someone has already put their name forward for a particular GP (or several), feel free to request the same one; the final list can be agreed amongst all participants.

Please use this format for thread titles: 2014 Australian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion
Happy to pick up the last three Brogan unless someone has a more pressing agenda. It'll be mayhem by then, I suspect, as they will all have run out of engines!!
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I would love to write the Australian and Belgian Grands Prix discussion threads, if someone'll give me a nudge at the appropriate time.
I'll be happy to do Malaysia and China. Oh, I'll do Russia aswell. But if anyone wants to do a race, and there isn't one left for them to do, feel free to nick one off me :)
Okay I'll do Abu Dhabi just because it will probably be the most controversial race of the season if there are contenders involved who otherwise wouldn't be if it were not for the the hated double points rule...

If no one objects to me that is...:)
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Jen, as you have volunteered for three, if there are more applicants then I will distribute them.
It's unfair for the first person to respond to automatically exclude anyone else from taking all of those three GPs.
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