Fantasy F1 - any interest this year?

Would you play FF1 this year?

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Just trying to gauge how much interest there is for FF1 this year.

It's a lot of work setting it up and running it so if there's not much interest, I won't bother.
CTA without FF1? Wouldn't be right, might as well add that I have no problem with running the cup again this year.

Mephistopheles you'll say that but when you see how much fun we're having you'll get yourself a team in! It's going to be very interesting with engine selections as no one will be able to afford a Merc.
no one will be able to afford a Merc.

Oh that I could afford a Merc, I'd go cheap on everything else if that were the case.

I'm beginning to have concerns about my original plan for the engine in light of what's happened so far in testing. I know it's early days yet, but I think my engine choice might sink me, unless I make a compromise on the chassis and/or drivers in order to free up funding for an engine (pending budget approval, of course).
If previous form is anything to go by then the cost of the Merc engine alone will be greater than the budget for the whole team. Honda will be cheap though.

It should be a very interesting season compared to the Merc/Merc domination of last year. (Subject to FF1 approval)
I know I am pissing into the wind with this one, but I would prefer it if it was a predictor style game rather than manager style.

So 'no'.
I wouldn't do anything different to how it's normally set up. Its similar to when Renault was the all conquering engine, only this time the Merc engine would be out of reach of all to start with. Merc chassis will also be expensive but to offset that we will have new drivers and a new engine coming in at minimum values.

There should be a lot more variety in the teams this year as well as improvements in the other two established engines which will start taking points and value from the Mercs
Brogan whilst its up to you the FF1 always picks up speed as you get nearer to the start of the season and you always end up with about 100 players in the end. I think a poll at begining of Feb is always going to get a muted response.

It is a lot of work for yourself though so I can understand if you don't. All I'm saying is that if you build it they will come.
BTW, this is what I meant by the amount of work involved, and this doesn't include actually running it, it's just to get it set up ready for people to sign up.

[box=400]Create and upload countdown backgrounds for any new GPs

Update countdown add-on with new GPs

Create new 201x Fantasy F1 forum with display order of 100 in Fantasy F1 -> Fantasy F1 Archive
Revoke Post New Thread permission for Registered user group for the new forum

Update FF1 Database x.x spreadsheet with new season data
Tables to do
gp_result - blank rows for each GP with GP ID only

Update Template - FF1 Results spreadsheet with driver, chassis, engine, and GP reference data

Ensure old season is set inactive using query

Add all new season queries to a text file

Update FF1 add-on for new season

Create new season rules templates and populate them
Ensure drivers, teams, transfers and values are updated

Update localhost tables
Update Driver, Chassis and Engine Values
Post thread

Test sign up process

Compose season threads - use templates
Main thread
Teams sign up thread
Teams discussion thread

Update live site tables
Update Driver, Chassis and Engine Values
Post thread

Post season threads
Teams Championship sign up thread - use CTA Fantasy F1 user - stick it
Teams discussion thread - use CTA Fantasy F1 user
Main thread - use CTA Fantasy F1 user - stick it and put Announcement prefix on

Deactivate FF1 Closed notice[/quote]
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