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Another little game to test everyone's knowledge of F1.

The winner gets to post the next question.

I'll start us off with this:
Which driver was promoted higher in the final placings without another driver being penalised?

I want race, driver and reason.
Was it Fisichella, who was given the 2003 Brazil GP win a few days later when they checked when the race was/should have been stopped, and corrected the result?
teabagyokel said:
Hold on, he's got a right answer there. Gotta give him the point and reveal your answer, imo!
He might have a right answer, but not the right answer.

I've reworded the question slightly to account for it.
Wasn't Mike Hawthorn was it?

1958. Can't remember the exact GP? Was it Spa?

It was where he was disqualified for receiving a push on the track but later Moss testified to the stewards that he'd seen the incident and that Hawthorn had received no help on the circuit?
Nope, wasn't that either.
Hmmm, maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all LOL

Clue 2: His teammate at the time was Clay Regazzoni
Was it Niki Lauda at Brands Hatch in 1976? The end of the race was really messy but Hunt was ultimately disqualified so I'm probably wrong.
The answer then was the British GP in 1974 at Brands Hatch.

Niki Lauda finished in 9th position but his team protested that his exit from the pit lane was blocked after a late wheel change.
The appeal was successful and he was awarded an extra lap and 5th position.

If anyone wants to post a new question feel free or alternatively just let the thread die :D
Without resorting to Wikipedia, I'm guessing Pescara was about 16miles long. I think it was run around a lake (or I'm thinking of Enna), so might have been quite quick. If the average speed was around 120mph, then a lap would take 8 minutes...

This tells me nothing about where on the grid a 10 minute lap would be though, since I don't know the circuit length, nor the average lap speed.

I'm guessing 6th.
Yes, Pescara is the longest circuit ever to have held an F1 race at just over 16 miles or 25.8km.

As for the question though, It would have to be a complete guess at 4th?
I have no idea what the qualifying/lap times were.

Stop me when I get it right LOL

(The above aren't real entries, btw, I'm considering myself [Douglas Bannatyne]'oot'[/Douglas Bannatyne])
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