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Buy a new bike ???
I could but I'd still have another bike which can't be used for the sake of a wheel.

Move to a country where bikes are in plentiful supply and cheap?
I was reading some of the reviews on Aliexpress (Chinese online retailer) and some people are complaining that the wheels are out of true by as much as 2cm :D

If I still lived in the UK then I would be able to get something like this:


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Plenty of spare parts here



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Found some wheels!

A decent compromise between price and spec.

Out of stock though.


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They wouldn't be compatible unfortunately.

I may just buy a new hub and have a go at rebuilding the wheel.

It's tricky but doable.

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Life used to be so much simpler.

A mate of mine who was an apprentice with little money got hold of a pair of rims asked me if I could help him out. We got some hubs and I built a pair of wheels for him. They must have been reasonably good because next race we were in was the club 25 and for the first time he beat me.

I didn't think much of that as I had done it for free. I should have stick to the Yorkshire motto.
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