Chandhok replaced for Hockenheim


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Yes I read about that yesterday.
I presumed it was going to be done on rotation but obviously not.

Bernie won't be happy about this bearing in mind his eagerness to get an Indian GP set up.


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Yes i'd imagine Bernie will want to keep Chandok in the sport for a while purely for financial reasons.

I've seen a headline that Chandhok is hoping to be back in the car at Spa which would tie in with Yamamoto reportedly having the funds for 3 race drives initially.


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It now appears Yamamoto thinks he might be able to keep his seat in Spa based on performances :o

Although Yamamoto has considerable sponsorship backing behind him, he is adamant that he has earned the race seat on merit rather than because of how much his finances are a help for the team.

"Actually it is not [about sponsorship]," he said. "It's my performance on the race track."

Full story here


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Well I'm not sure what to say about that.
Whatever I do say could possibly breach the site rules...

Maybe Sakon judges relative success by different criteria to the rest of us?


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At risk of being modded, they should probably change the logo on his sidepods to '$$akon' LOL

*MOD Comment* we'll let you off this time, don't do it again! LOL Fat Jez


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It looks like Karun Chandhok's short F1 career is all but over.

"And after suggestions in Belgium that Yamamoto will now see out the season, team principal Kolles has said that he sees no reason to replace the Japanese.

"I think that both drivers are doing a good job," explained Kolles. "We had the best qualifying result in Spa so far and Sakon's lap times were at the same level as Kovalainen's and Glock's in the race. I think there is no reason to make any changes so far."

What a shame.
As far as I can see, Karun's results were better than Senna's prior to being replaced.

Kolles is of course free to choose any driver he wishes, but don't lie about the reasons


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Hopefully Chandok can get a drive next year for someone like Villeuneves new team, he deserves it for the treatment hes had this year


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i was listening to this last night, & karun chandhok extremely eventful 11 race career. some of the stories were fascinating he talks about HRT, his time with lotus where he fell out of love with F1 after being maybe Misled & let down by Tony Fernandes, F1 commentary & other places which are many

  • started of talking about the gap between finishing GP2 in 2009 & trying to get on the grid,
  • he first sounded out US F1 as he was good friends with peter windsor. but he could tell with a factory visit in November they had no chance of fulfilling it & making it on to the grid.
  • Force India never got close which he agrees is odd because it seemed the natural fit
    Bernie told him to have discussion with Stefan GP who want to take over Toyota, fell through because of lack of money with a potentially race winning 2010 Toyota.
  • but he finally got a seat at HRT a week before the start of bahrain GP
  • Gets to bahrain with no testing then delay to building the cars. so no practice & then added to the fact Chandhok was also told the car in the current state was only supposed to be launch car for a hotel, but now had to be used for the 4 flyaways. but dont worry this update is coming that would at worst with 60 points of downforce would have them at worse best of new teams. at best up with Toro Rosso in midfield but by then Management fell out with Dallara. never happened & the "show" car did the whole year
  • there was the Appartantly quite heated meeting in Chinese hotel room with management, chandhok & his father, Bruno senna & his agent/sister when they realized they were being lied to, & owners had seriously underestimated the finances
  • found out he was probably on his way & losing his drive when they were so desperate for money. Klien turned up for FP1, they hadnt bothered to tell either driver, chandhok & Klien are both saying what are you doing here to each other & in trying to find a screwdriver to tighten his helmet, he found a list of targeted drivers in someones toolbox
then i what would be chandhok final weekend he had a extremely surreal track walk as he comically describes. he says he got to garage. engineer is surprised to see him, told him im not sure but i think Yamamoto has your seat now (as they badly needed the funding he brought). so he says ok ill have a trackwalk to clear my head. he describes its & says he got 3 phone calls on that trackwalk
  • your racing but Yamamoto is doing FP1
  • Your racing all weekend but Yamamoto is doing FP1 in Bruno's car
  • avoid the Team hospitality. Bruno found out the team has dropped him. lots gone up
then he was told some point in the weekend that this is your final race with us
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