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Karun Chandhok will not be racing at the German Grand Prix next weekend, his HRT team announced on Friday, and his place will be taken by Sakon Yamamoto.

The Japanese driver had replaced Bruno Senna for unknown reasons in the previous race at Silverstone, and the Brazilian will be back in action next week at Hockenheim.
>:( :censored: :givemestrength:

Chump of the Year : HRT.
It's obvious that Yamamoto is buying drives.

Sir Stirling himself confirmed last weekend that HRT are in dire financial straits.

I'm this close to removing HRT from all the standings and other charts though as this is really going to mess things up, not to mention cause me hours of additional work >:(
If HRT's finances are as dire as they would seem somehow I think you won't need to worry for too much longer about having to update the stats for HRT.

At least the new 13th team will have longer to plan its entry into F1 this time, oh hang on a second.
Yeah I agree,

Sakon Yamamoto must have bough a lot of cash with him, they seem to be deciding who is better out of Bruno and Chandock, and who he will replace.

Brogan, commiserations on all the extra work mate :)
A team's gotta do, what a team's do but it's a real shame for both Senna and Chandhok I presume both were chosen for their driving skills and are now being ousted by a rent-a-driver, but it's happened before and I'm sure it will happen again.
Yamamoto is slower than Milka Duno >:( >:(

Towards the end of a season, teams with not much money hire drivers that have more money than talent and this is an example of this.
According to, Chandok 'hopes' to be involved in some races this season, but Senna is expected to complete the season in the other car.

So it looks like the number of races Chandok will compete in during the second half of this season will be dependent on how many races Yamamoto's backers can afford to buy for him.

Does this also mean that Senna's sponsors, who were at one time rumoured not to have come up with the cash, now have?
I'm sure I read somewhere a few weeks ago that Chandhok's seat was at risk due to lack of funds.
I can't seem to find it now.

There is however this thread from a few months ago about HRT's situation: HRT in trouble?

I personally can't see them lasting the season.
Brogan said:
I personally can't see them lasting the season

Back to 12 teams on the grid next season then?

This the 13th team idea seems as out of reach of the FIA as swimming pool in the garden does for the rest of us
Hmm, my sympathy for both Senna and Chandhok is somewhat limited - both of them had to stump up cash for their drives too.

If I was the team principal I'd do the same - the car is never going to beat the other new teams on pace, but if they can keep it running they might end up 10th in the championship on reliability (I believe they're currently ahead of Virgin in fact?), which would entitle them to around £17m in Bernie bonuses. So you run a driver who has got the money, yes, but also the F1 experience. It doesn't bode well for the financial future of the team, but you've got to do what you can to stay afloat.

P.S. He's a darned sight quicker than Milka Duno. A darned sight.

Not surprisingly, I agree with your position. I am not shedding any tears for the "HRT team drivers" either.

I am also not opposed to the idea of pay drivers. After all, that is how Lauda got his start, as has been pointed out before. Unfortunately, none of this triumvirate of drivers appears to have the talent to warrant a non-paying drive.

HRTs travails once again points out, at least to me, the folly of requiring 2-car teams and awarding franchises. Single-car private entries could showcase new talent for much less than half the cost of running a two-car team (assuming that sanity prevailed and customer cars were allowed). Unfortunately, I can't see that happening until Shorty leaves the scene. I'll get down from my soapbox now :goodday:
Well after being a bit bemused why Yamamoto would replace Senna for just one race, The financial benefits for one race is pretty minimal, It is now pretty obvious what Hispana doing. Looks like there going to try and employ a rotation policy at HRT.

one thing tho, im pretty sure there are rules to prevent this? Maybe Bernie and the FIA have turned the other cheek, know that perhaps HRT are in dire straights?

One thing i do not understand though is how you people can criticize having 'pay drivers'. For starters Yamamoto isn't too shabby, or least he wasn't too bad at Super Aguri and Spkyer, if not ever looking going to be a contender for the F1 drivers champ. He is a lose lose situation atm because he has had little time in the car and with the testing ban, has no time to get upto speed, It was always going take more then one friday practice session. There have been a lot worse then him.

but back on the subject of pay drivers, has someone who is keeping an eye out to start some form of a race team, If i could ever get my foot in the door of F1, i would have no problems with using two pay drivers, if it meant survival, Yup its not the greatest situation and we all want to see the best 24 drivers in the world, but i cannot blame Hispana in any way for doing it. I would do it even if has an F1 team I was was greatly out of depth, just so i could compete at the top level of Motorsport.
The sporting regulations say you can only use a maximum of four drivers during a season, but don't specify the number of changes allowed, so a rotation policy between three drivers in two seats would seem to be ok.

It just I remember it being talked about in..... 05? i think, when it lookied like RedBull were going to employ a rotation policy between Klien and Luizzi. Weren't sure if there was something specifically to stop a team doing that.
Feel very sorry for Chandhok. Obviously, he hasn't set the world alight yet but should be given a chance, despite having poor hardware at his disposal.
I'm not a fan of swapping drivers mid-season and it doesn't reflect well on the team - desperate for cash or looking for an excuse? Either way it stinks.
Eskimo43 said:
I'm not a fan of swapping drivers mid-season and it doesn't reflect well on the team

I think sacking Nelsinho Piquet mid-season in 2008 might have saved Renault a few blushes and given Romain Grosjean a proper chance.
Problem is, it is nigh on impossible for Chandok and Senna to 'put themselves in the shop window' as the best performances they can do is cling on to the Virgins(!) and just complete the races. Their best hope really is that HRT get the Toyota factory and have the better car to make names for themselves
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