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I just watched Quali from Singapore 2010 again and I have to say I had forgotten that Bruno was out-qualified there by over a second from the returning Christian Klien who hadn't qualified an F1 car in over 4 years.

Klien got him once again in Brazil 3 races later when he got another chance, but Senna had the last laugh when he barely nicked Christian in his farewell GP at Abu Dhabi. Not to mention that he would hang on in F1 for another couple years.


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Ah, so now we know Bruno's weakness. He doesn't brake ... at all, apparently.:snigger:

well, on the evidence of Barcelona 2012 you'd have to say his braking technique is better than M Schumacher's ....;)


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Considering my posting history on him, and the conga I started with teabagyokel and Brogan when he left F1, I thought it might amuse all you apexers to know I met Bruno Senna on Friday. In fact here is a picture of me meeting him


As you can see from his face he recognises me and knows my posting history. I wished him "good luck" and, due to the fact he was such a lovely young man, I refrained from adding "You're gonna need it"


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yeah congrats to senna, after watching soccer Saturday nothing to watch so I watched the final couple of hours of the 6 hrs of Bahrain, it was alright. some good racing & well deserved because his power steering failed with hour to go I think & he had to work around it, try to get it back which he did but not until the last few laps 50mins later but not prost because they were saying because he took apart in Formula E & miss the WEC round at Nurburgring. so other 2 got the drivers point but prost didn't

the irony both Edams drivers missed out on drivers title because on the weekend clash Buemi took part in WEC lost FE title & Prost took part in FE, lost WEC (LMP2) title


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A name that has pretty much been forgotten considering he was going to be Honda driver in 2009 before they pulled the plug on the F1 team
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