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Bruno Senna

Discussion in 'Drivers' started by RayInTorontoCanada, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Congratulations to young Bruno Senna for a fantastic qualifying session today.

    I'm sure his uncle would be very proud knowing he's starting the Belgian Grand Prix - his first race of the year - from 7th on the Grid.

    Spa-Francorchamps is a special circuit. A real challenge and known as a "driver's circuit" which "separates the men from the boys".

    Add to that the tricky, greasy conditions you had today and Bruno's consistency in ALL 3 sessions at this circuit means there's some talent there.

    The Renault is by no means a Top 4 car...so to be 7th on the grid ahead of the likes of World Champions Alonso and Button (both of whom have superior Ferraris and McLarens) and his somewhat highly rated teammate Petrov, is a very good achievement.

    Good luck in the race tomorrow Bruno!

    C'mon Boy...Make Brazil Proud of it's Formula One drivers again! :cheer:
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  2. F1ang-o

    F1ang-o Race Winner Contributor

    I was going to congratulate Bruno under Ayrton...glad someone made this post...Bruno deserves it. Hope he continues to drive like he has done, so far, this weekend.
  3. RasputinLives

    RasputinLives Not dead Contributor

    Nice to see a young driver taking the chance he's given. When I first read Bruno had the seat for the next 8 races I did thing he have to really impress to get himself a seat with a team next year but if he keeps this up someone (possibley even Renault) will have to pick him up.

    Early days yet.

    If he does keep up this form though you have to question if that Renault is a better car than we thought it was and if so do we have to re-evaluate how well Petrov has been doing this season?
  4. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

    I have to eat my words after being one of those who doubted his abilities.

    It's only one qualifying session, but to jump in a car for the first time this season, one he hasn't driven before either, and beat the guy who's in his second season and who held his own against Heidfeld, is impressive.

    I will be following his progress with interest for the rest of the season, assuming of course he keeps the seat.
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  5. Sarinaide

    Sarinaide Banned

    Reeks of innuendo.

    I guess I will play along for now.

    Congrates to Bruno Senna and Kovalainen.:cheers:
  6. Tacitus

    Tacitus Podium Finisher

    I was waiting for a thread to be made. Cheers Ray:D
    It turns out @BSenna forgot to use his DRS down the long Kemmel straight on his fastest qualifying lap. Would have cost a few tenths. -Andrew Benson
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  7. ExtremeNinja

    ExtremeNinja Karting amateur Contributor

    Bruno was absolutely terrific today. I know, I saw it with my own eyes. He was lighting up the times all through practice and all three sessions of quail. I hope he can keep this up. If we don't see Kubica back in F1, both Senna and Petrov will be fighting to keep our new GP2 champion out of thier car.
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  8. Galahad

    Galahad Not a Moderator Valued Member

    He did very well, and so did Petrov actually. Looking forward to seeing how he goes in the race.
  9. Lewywo4

    Lewywo4 Race Winner

    Bruno really suprised me today, and an excellent performance on his part, considering the pressure that he's under.

    I know that his uncle would have really been proud of Bruno's performance today, and especially at a place like Spa.
  10. Lewywo4

    Lewywo4 Race Winner

    Many like myself, will have to join you at that table!
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  11. Brogan

    Brogan Leg end Staff Member

    Pull up a chair, there's plenty of room around the table.

    Of course we need to see a few race results from him first before declaring him as the next Senna ;)
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  12. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    I will make my judgement after Spa and Monza.

    Great qualifying performance though.
  13. Lewywo4

    Lewywo4 Race Winner

  14. Speshal

    Speshal World Champion Valued Member

    Well done in quali, I'll bet he finishes lower than his quali position though, down to the fact that those around him currently have done a few races this season.
  15. ...and not because of the fact they have vastly superior cars (ALO-Ferrari; BUT-McLaren; SCH-Mercedes)? Aha Ha! ;)

    Unfortunaltely for Bruno, almost all of them have done all of the races this season, save Ricciardo and the like.

    20 years ago Schumachers was paid for into Jordan by a cheque written by Sauber/Mercedes. He too qualifyied 7th...but burnt his clutch. Schumacher didn't even complete 1/3rd of a lap...yet his qually got him a better seat at the next race.

    You can't judge a driver by one race (in Schumacher's case, one corner!)...just as, I suppose, you can't judge that same driver by one quallifying session.
  16. Cookinflatsix

    Cookinflatsix Banned

    Kid is impressive, bided his time, said the right things, kissed the right behinds ( no doubt) and when his chance came, so far has handled it like a true heir apparent.

    Spa suffers no fools, changeable conditions and a long challenging varied track, lots of opportunity to mess up yet he has maximised the potential of his car ahead of more 'complete' or 'changeable master' type drivers with better cars

    Of course he will probably not be able to finish the race outside the cars capabilities, but he could seal a seat in F1 by his performance tomorrow

    I hope we see a kid with guts and not a kid with a famous uncle
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  17. Galahad

    Galahad Not a Moderator Valued Member

    I hate to be the spoilsport, but this is Bruno's 19th Grand Prix, not his 1st. I'm going to wait for a couple of weeks before concluding that Karun Chandhok is worthy of a seat at Ferrari...
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  18. Cookinflatsix

    Cookinflatsix Banned

    This is his first GP in a vaguely competitive F1 car

    That's the point

    I don't see Karun getting into q3, maybe I missed it
  19. Slyboogy

    Slyboogy World Champion Contributor

    And the HRT wasn't competitive against the Virgin's or the Lotus cars?
  20. Cookinflatsix

    Cookinflatsix Banned

    I didn't realise louts had their own series, maybe they stole one at the recent riots

    Crap cars are crap, by definition. It's hard to show talent when the car just will not perform properly

    All a driver can do is maximise the potential of a half decent car when given the chance

    How often did Heidfeld get into q3?

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