BTCC British Touring Car Championship 2013 Season

Shedden just moved across on Plato; there's nothing much he could have done about it. Shedden can be pretty handy at 'dodgem' driving himself (he's learnt from the master, his team mate, of course) and it's not unlike him to blame the other guy afterwards.

Anyway, if Karma is involved, what did Andrew Jordan do wrong?
I thought Shedden was just taking up the normal racing line for Seagrave. Plato had got his nose in there but wasn't in position to make a move, and usually in that situation the driver backs out of it. A rookie might make a mistake like that, but an experienced driver, in my view, knows what he's doing.
Are you referring to Shedden, Plato or both?

My opinion would be that you cannot expect to occupy a piece of tarmac which is already occupied.
It's no good taking up the racing line if it's already occupied (or even partly occupied) by another vehicle, which is what I believe Shedden did. It all happened so quickly, I don't think Plato would have had time to react to Shedden's leftward move. Which would mean that the rookie's mistake was the Scotsman's.
Shame, I'm going to miss this. I'm off to the Yorkshire Modified Car Show on Sunday although I've told my son we have to be back in time for the GP.
Thanks for the reminder Brogan. At least I'll get to see some live motor racing before I go out for the evening. For me F1 gets relegated this weekend. Tough.:D
An uneventful meet.
Plato was too strong for everyone else in the first two races making them fairly boring affairs.

His bad luck returned in race three with his car catching on fire.
A shame Plato's car let him down in race three, just as things looked like they would be getting interesting. Shedden seems to be dropping off the championship pace a bit.

Hopefully Turkington will be more of a factor in the second half of the season, having a rear wheel drive car at the front provides for some less predictable racing.
A fairly boring race 1, although a great win for Turkington.

Plato has wet tyres on for race 2, the only driver on the grid.
He has to hope the rain starts coming down or he will go backwards rapidly.

Edit: His team mate also has wets and so far it looks like an inspired decision, but if parts of the circuit are too dry the tyres won't last the race.
That could have big ramifications when it comes to fighting for the title as Plato scored no points in race two and will be starting near the back for race three.

Ironically it is raining heavily now so race three will definitely require wet tyres all round which means Plato has no chance of making his way through the field.
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