Technical Brembo engineer comments on Braking Styles of Top Drivers


I was flipping through F1 Racing at the newsstand yesterday and there was a great article about brakes. Check it out if possible.

They also got some comments from a Brembo tech on the various braking styles of top drivers. Here's what he had to say.

Hamilton: "He's pretty hard, very quick on and off the brakes and he releases quickly. It's not the best way, as to be effective under braking you need to introduce the car at the right speed. But he's mastered that: he learned it in GP2 when the tyres were high-grip."

Rosberg: "He is very similar to his team-mate Lewis Hamilton, which is probably because they were both competing in GP2 at the same time."

Button: "Drivers now are more focused on modulation. Jenson is less hard, but very good during release. His modulation is a bit like ABS, which helps him a lot in low-grip conditions. The bleed-off effect has assumed increasing importance."

Vettel: "His style is extremely similar to that of Alonso. Both have mastered introducing the car into the corner at the right speed at the right directionality. They also have similar feel requirements and sympathetic material usage."

Webber and Schumacher: "These two have very similar styles - both being ultra hard, physical brakers."

Kubica: "He braked really, really hard. And he had short pedal travel. His brakes were always either on or off."

I think he pretty much identified why Button is so great in those changable/mixed conditions.
Interesting stuff.

Would be interested to analyse the other guys who have come up from GP2 and see if they have a similar style to Lewis and Nico. A lot of the other drivers mentioned skipped that level of competition and I'd be interested to see if what level you learn at junior wise effects your whole driving style when you get to F1
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