Bernie in real danger this time?


A fine chap if ever there was one.
Some interesting quotes in this Sky Sports article, Bernie: "[CVC] will probably be forced to get rid of me if the Germans come after me. It's pretty obvious, if I'm locked up," he said. "They said they had hired a head-hunter to find somebody in the event that I was not going to be there - if I was going to die or something," he added. It is the normal thing they do to keep people happy."

I don't see any way Bernie's not going to face real trouble on this one, his "Yeah I gave him a big bag of cash but in no way was that a bribe oh no" explanation doesn't seem to stand up to too much scrutiny.

Is this finally the beginning of the end for a man who's worked hard to make everyone think that he's absolutely indispensable?
I can't prejudge the German judiciary but on paper, it doesn't look good. Then again, it is Bernie we're talking about. He's a survivor.

While I agree that money does, to some degree, keep you safe (it buys the best lawyers), most of the time I think a LOW profile is better for keeping you safe (it makes you less of a target).

In this case, I truly believe that Bernie is due for a comeuppance, and an ouster from the sport, perhaps for "bringing the sport into disrepute". Wouldn't THAT be wonderfully ironic?
Hmmm, so in effect Bernie either faces prison time for a bribe in German, or they accept his explanation (I gave him the money as he was blackmailing me and threatening to report me to the tax man in the UK) and he ends up being done for tax evasion by HMRC?

Any bets on which south american country he becomes resident of in the next year?
Everyone hits the barriers at least once in their life - maybe it's Bernie's time. I just hope there is someone already in place to take over.
He won't go to prison for it. If he had done it in America, he'd be screwed, but think he'll get away with it in Germany.
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