Bernie almost took over Tennis!!!


I suppose we'll never know how "close" this was to happening, because it is Bernie Ecclestone making the claim.

Here is the priceless bit;

“We would have introduced one serve only per point and also a timed cut-off point to a match so that everyone knew, especially the TV companies, how long a match would last. So, after an hour, a whistle or bell would sound and, rather like a football game, the match would be over.

Tennis to a time limit? Not sure about that one....

What was the sticking point you ask? Isn't it always cash with BE?

I should have gone for women’s tennis. It would have been cheaper.”
KekeTheKing - Well, I think Roger F would have a hell of a lot of sponsors on his currently pristine shirts now.

There would be 10 Grand Slam events, played at Melbourne, Abu Dhabi, Belgrade, Madrid, Wimbledon, Monaco, New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Pyongyang.

The world rankings would be evaluated by a medal system. There would be no events on grass or clay, instead preferring a huge tarmac area far bigger than the court. The Grand Slams would be held at whatever time of day Europe fancied, and the Belgrade Grand Slam would move based on whoever was World #1 at the time.
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