Pre-GP Quiz The Austrian GP Quiz - Niki Lauda Tribute Edition


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Seeing as I somehow knew that this would be a decent weekend of F1 I decided I would leave the Pre GP Quiz until after the GP*

*note, the above statement may or may not be factually correct.

Here are 10 Questions related to the late, great Austrian. Niki Lauda.

1) With which Formula One team did Niki take out a bank loan to buy a seat with and later make his F1 debut?

March - Initially in F2 but soon in an F1 Car

2) With which team did Niki score his first F1 points?

BRM (the 1973 Belgian GP for 5th place)

3) Niki took the 1975 title at a canter but which Brazilian driver finished runner up that year?

Emerson Fittipaldi

4) Which Italian dairy firm will be forever associated with Niki and his hats?


5) What was the name of the Ron Howard film that featured Niki's rivalry with James Hunt and who played Niki? (half a point for each)

Rush - Daniel Bruhl

6) After leaving Ferrari at the end of the 1977 season which infamous F1 supremo signed Niki to his Brabham team?

Bernie Ecclestone

7) The incredibly unreliable Brabham Alfa Romeo only managed to cross the line 7 times in 1978 however, when it did, what was very unusual about every finishing position?

Every finishing position was on the podium. 2 wins, 3 seconds and 2 thirds.

8) On his return to F1 in 1982, Lauda arranged a drivers strike before the first race of the season over changes made to the wording on which important document?

The F1 Drivers Super Licence

9) The scene of Niki's final GP win in 1985 was also the last race at this venue until its now set to return for the first time in 35 years next year. Where is it?

The Dutch GP at Zandvoort

10) From which team was Niki sacked as Manager at the end of 2002?

Jaguar Racing

Good luck one and all and don't forget to let us know how you did.
I couldn't remember the name of the actor in Rush (never watched it) but do I get a bonus point for knowing he played the sniper in Inglorious Bastards the Nazi's made the propaganda film about?
FB, given your importance to the CTA quiz thread I have decided on the following special arrangements in order that we appropriately recognise your status and hopefully convince you to remain part of the CTA quizzing family.

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If FB is my representative then he is duty bound to decline your offer of the longevity point as this is what i wish to happen.
In order not to upset FB and maintain my control of the quiz thread I'm going to introduce a loyalty point for gethinceri in reward for all his years of dedicated Welshness.

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