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Overhyped but not over rated.

What that graph shows is that in 30 of his 41 wins Senna was in direct competition with a world champion driver which I think is a clear sign the wins were acheived in a very competitive field.

Always that graph shows that Mclaren had a lot less 1-2's with the Berger/Senna combination than I remember and that we never got to see a straight fight between Senna and Schumacher.


It's a pity that Mansell and Senna never drove the same car. That would have been rather interesting. Although it was quite interesting anyway...


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I have often wondered if Schumacher would have been as ruthless as he was if he hadn't seen Senna getting away with such acts.


Do we really have to bang on about him every anniversary of his death? From what I recall he was a dangerous driver who wasn't without his faults.

He is just another dead bloke.

Two drivers died that weekend you know or was Roland's life less significant than Senna's?

Hang on this is the Senna thread isn't it? I'll go and post on the Roland one.

Oh wait, I can't because he hasn't got one.
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Both deaths affected my family very deeply. In fact, it prompted my mother to bring up the possibility of my dad retiring as a racing mechanic. There was a very somber mood in my house for the week following their deaths.

I had been painting a picture of Senna, not for the anniversary specifically, but you bring up a good point, Meph, so when I've finished my Senna painting, I'll be trying to find some good references to paint Ratzenberger too. I won't release either of them until they're both finished.


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There are numerous reasons that add to the significance of Senna's death. Yes he had his faults, but even with those faults he was certainly one of the greatest of the modern era, possibly even the greatest. What many don't realise he is the only Formula One World Champion in the sports history to die in a Formula One Grand Prix. Others have been killed in GP's but not F1 World Champions. Other F1 Champions have died in other formulas or testing, but never in a Grand Prix. Only Senna lost his life during a Formula One GP. That may not mean much to some people but it had a hell of an impact on me.
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