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How did you rate the Australian Grand Prix out of 10?

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Major Eazy

That's like being asked to rate the restaurant and its food on a scale of 1 to 10, considering that you did NOT go there at all.

The Australian Grand Prix was cancelled, there was no race, so how do I rate the Australian Grand Prix if nothing happened? I'll give my rating next year when it does run.


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Major Eazy its just a bit of tongue in cheek humour, they not being serious. its something we always done after every race & its worrying how similar we must be RasputinLives as i had the same thought this afternoon but forgot

& sometimes in these times you need to find amusing side to get through it :friends:


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What on Earth happened to Mercedes though , I mean coming in third. Leclerc got the win. Max was second, and Mercedes was third ! What happened there. Brilliant though.



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Wish I put a few quid on Williams and Mercedes being level in the Constructors table after Melbourne.
joint top of constructors. see all this calling for Claire Williams head. i knew she would return Williams to glory days. last time they top of constructors in March they won the 1996 world title. just saying LOL


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In this case are needing to evaluate the actions of the FIA and Formula 1 leaders
but not the race


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Great to finally have a race that wasn't dominated by any single team. I've gone for a 10 out of 10. Has to be the closest finish in years if not of all time with less than 0.000000000001 between the top 20.


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I'm going to make the assumption that the entire population of the world has seen this poll and if they haven't voted have decided to give it zero.

I should probably include an 'I don't Know' option as well.
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