Cricket Ashes 2015


Anyone keeping an eye on this?

England are about to wipe out the Aussies in the third test within two hours of play LOL
sometimes sport leaves you in utter disbelief & 29/6 did me just mouth open shock & Just seeing the slow mo of voges's body language after stokes catch on the sky montage i thought said alot of mentality it was almost like the aussies are now going expecting a collapse. but they shouldve dug in & waited til after lunch when the sunshine was out but too impatient trying to make things happen

but 1 thing i find unusual in the last 6 series with 2010/11 series being the anomaly that home advantage is turning extremely crucial both sides are great in there own conditions & awful away from home because we've lost 5-0 twice & aussies have only won 2 test matches losing 7 (soon be 8 barring a miracle i guess after 60 all out)
Great to see that the ashes are safely back with England again, hope they go on now and win the series 4-1 just to rub there noses in it a bit more.
Not wanting to start a new thread so am putting it here.

Yorkshire have boycotted Boycott.

Geoffrey Boycott 'disappointed' with Yorkshire chairman's snub

I dont think the boycott thing is too big or was not meant to be. Because I was listening to Radio Sheffield (post football match) & the guy was saying blocking boycott presidency is nothing against him because he is a boyhood hero & thinks that he would prefer him to continue in the ambassadorial role he does so well
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