Poll Are Lotus going to win a Grand Prix in 2012?

Are Lotus going to win a Grand Prix in 2012?

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They have been fairly threatening in some of the races, seemingly due to good tyre management.

Most notably in Bahrain of course where they got a double podium finish and could have won had they ordered Grosjean aside and/or pitted Raikkonen a lap earlier.

They have been closing in on the lead in the final stages twice in Bahrain and Spain with Raikkonen, and the general opinion appears to be that Raikkonen will continually improve as the year goes on after his break from racing....Spa will be interesting.

I have been very impressed with Grosjean, I thought he would be good when he came back and I have not been dissapointed, If he makes it to lap 3 then he does well. His 2nd place in Canada was very impressive considering he was on a 1 stop and what happened to Vettel and Alonso.

With 2 podiums to his name already he could just as easily as Raikkonen win a race this year (unless its Spa).

There is the argument that Red-Bull, McLaren and Ferrari will now begin to leave them behind as they have more money for development, but Lotus aren't tooo poor so I guess we will see.

Lotus say they are now going to focus on qualli pace to regain there early season high grid starts (grosjean 3rd on the grid was a pleasant surprise) Perhaps stiffening the suspension will help.

Anyway do you see them winning a race? If so which one and with which driver?
Nah, Kimi will get pissed off and walk away before the end of the season and the team will go to crap.

I want to see Dani Bahar embarassed , humiliated and pay for all the dirty tricks he did to say the team was called "Lotus" last year

Seriously I don;t see Lotus winning a race because they are always lacking that something whether they always seem to be about 2nd or 3rd best car and don;t get their race strategy quite right

I see them falling back due the rapid development of the top 4......

I think Kimi's had his chances in Spain and Bahrain and I believe he is struggling more than he leads on

Grosjean is capable of winning a race but somehow you feel he is always going to get into another accident
Yes, they seem to be in contention every weekend no matter where they quailfy. They will get it all right one weekend just like Williams did in Spain and they will get theirs.
I'm not so sure that they will actually. Opinions from a couple of team bosses in the press as to whether tyres in general will be better understood by the end of this season seem a bit divided, but that surely has been one of Lotus's main strengths so from that point of view they have less progress margin than the others.
As the season progresses the big four teams will make their financial superiority pay off in terms of development so Lotus's best opportunity to win a race would have been in the first seven races rather than thereafter.
All in all I wouldn't bet against it... but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't.
They were only two seconds off a win last week and Grosjean was a pole contender in Monaco. It doesn't look to me like they are losing any ground to the top teams at all.
If Maldonado and Williams can win, then there is little reason to believe that Lotus cannot find a victory somewhere as well. It's just that pesky bit of having the Pole Sitter disqualified that might hold them back.... (Partly kidding here folks ;))
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