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Who will be partnering Alonso 2012?

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This has gone quiet due the dominance of the Red Bull with Webber's future still up in the air and Hamilton's relations with Mclaren somewhat strained at the moment due to some poor results in the last few races

We all know that Massa is on borrowed time at Ferrari and so far his season has been up and down with some good races in matching and beating Alonso like China coupled with some truly awful ones like Spain

Following his win in Canada, Jenson Button is now considered a top target for Ferrari as a replacement for Felipe Massa as back up for Alonso for being fast and more consistent able to pick up podiums and wins

Others in contention

Mark Webber who is not fully committed to Red Bull and gets on with Alonso being managed by Flavio as well despite his age ( Mansell was 35 when he signed for Ferrari ! as was Prost )

Perez - after the initial debut he's found F1 tougher but is part of the development programme that Massa was part of and would be an ideal foil for Alonso as long as he is not going to be a Barrichello

Kubica - would Ferrari risk swapping Massa for another driver coming back from a big accident

Rosberg - he was mentioned for prior to Spain

Hamilton - Luca can;t get Vettel so surely he has to consider Lewis

So vote for who will be Alonso's teammate from 2012
Voted Massa, I think he will stay...

It would be wrong of Hamilton to leave McLaren then go to Ferrari, first of all Ferrari are up and down and not had a good car since 2008, McLaren have always had a better car onwards. Plus he has a contract unlike the others...

Kubica don't see him going, he has a big question mark over himself...

I think Rosberg is an interesting one, I think he might be the one to surprise us and go...

Button he just seems too comfortable at McLaren, but he did come out sayiing he wouldn't mind driving for Ferrari.

I can only see Webber going if Flavio takes over Ferrari....

I would give Perez another season to prove his worth...
Massa is the easy option, I don't think luca would risk Hamilton because of what happened in 2007, it would only take one small event for another civil war which is the last thing Ferrari need
I would expect that Hamilton and Alonso have grown up alot since the fued of 2007, If that be the case then Hamilton would be immense as he is completely different as a driver to Alonso. The other issue is contract to pay to drivers very high salaries is not in Ferrari's interests.

And I re-itterate it will depend on the Robert Kubica that comes back later this season (practices), If he is all and well it is a comfortable move for Ferrari being that Alonso gets on with Kubica and Kubica is proven if not expensive like an elite driver.

Perez, hmmm maybe to quick to decide, maybe a season or two at Sauber.
Well we know Hamilton has publicly announced he would partner Alonso again, whether Alonso would want to partner Hamilton is a different matter entirely......
There's one problem with this. Fernando doesn't need or want a team mate. He is capable of doing it alone. That's the way he likes it. Team mates just get in the way...

He'd probably drive both cars if he could. Asides being a very good driver, Alonso carries a fair amount of clout at Ferrari partly due to Santander and the amount of liquid cash they've poured into the team. Subsequently I don't think he'd welcome a threat to his number 1 spot. To him it's a wasted emotion and potential candidates should be ready to part like the red sea once he's up their gear box. So long as he remains at Ferrari, a second equally competitive driver would be unworkable. He also alluded in an interview last year that he was not interested in pairing with Hamilton again.

I went for Perez -He's young and i think Ferrari/Alonso will be able to exercise a fair amount of control over him whiles nurturing him, unlike the other options.
the way I see it there is not enough support for Massa from within Ferrari and Luca Di Montezemolo is not afraid to call the shots despite what Alonso thinks...he even told Schumacher he wanted Kimi for 2007 by September 2005 and said it was succession planning and that Schumacher should not expect to be undisputed No 1.

Massa got the Ferrari seat because of his association to Jean Todt's son and there is a lot of people at Ferrari who disliked Todt despite his successes.

Button's form in the last few races has put him into contention suddenly and the fact that he is only on £6m a year which is less than what Alonso , Hamilton or Schumacher gets so it won;t be too difficult to tempt him for fulfilling a dream.

Massa may have a contract but he has not got much of a leg to stand on at Ferrari but he knows his career is finished if he leaves Ferrari given the other choices will not be as promising
From Chris1981's link:

"There has been a lot of talk within Ferrari about getting Button. They have already checked to see if he would be available," a Ferrari source told the News of the World.

Alas those last 4 words destroy an credibility this article may have had.
In my view, Perez is too inexperienced. They might as well stick with Massa. Button and Hamilton are contracted to McLaren aren't they? If so, no deal there either. Give me one good reason why woking would release them early?

I cannot imagine Alonso accepting Lewis again. Too much to lose (his reputation) and nothing to gain. For the same reason I struggle to see Kubica there. Rosberg will be looking for a step up, so perhaps, but for me if it isn't Massa, then Webber.

Who would accept the Fernando is faster than you hint?
Well we know Hamilton has publicly announced he would partner Alonso again, whether Alonso would want to partner Hamilton is a different matter entirely......

Alonso said that he would partner Hamilton again as long as it was not at McLaren.
A few weeks back I would have clicked Perez with no hesitation but before I vote I'm going to see if he recovers from his accident. Him pulling out in Canada makes me think it was more serious than we first thought and may have shuck him up.
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