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Il_leone - In Monaco, I'm not sure it is a case of the tyres not degrading so much of a case of it not mattering if they do. Schumacher held up the Force Indias from the Tunnel to St. Devote when his car was dying. If you need to be two seconds quicker to pass, there's enough time to spot degredation and change the tyres.


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Just watching the Porsche Supercup on EuroSport and some racing was spoiled by marbles. The marbles left by GP2 and GP3 offline have ruined some opportunities to make daredevil overtakes around the outside. The commentators said as much, too.


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When the TV commentators moan about the rubber being supplied you know it has reached a low point. 82 pit stops, 4.1 per car, tyres delaminating, more marbles than a game of Kerplunk (sorry to use that again), all in all the FIA have to sort this but, somehow, I doubt they will.


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I clocked this midway through 2012, and I'm not sure why Pirelli didn't

Why didn't they just bring different tyre compounds to the race, rather than going Soft and Super Soft, or Hard and Medium, or Medium and Soft?

Mix it up a bit, that's why it became standard in 2012 after 10 or so races, they finally figured it out this season, but went full retard on the tyres.


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I agree with FB, I was surprised mat how outspoken and how early in the race the commentators started complaining about the tyres.

Despite marbles being a thing of hate (other than in kerplunk) they seem to have grown to accept the narrowing of the track to a single lane. But when you have the ultimate cars stressing nothing but their brakes so they can coast around corners it makes the whole event seem pointless.

Dear FIA please wake up and greet reality, this is a dumb idea that could easily be resolved.
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