Grand Prix 2023 Canadian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

This weekend its our 2nd of planned 5 trips to North American continent the most in F1 history beating the record held since 1982 when F1 went to Long beach, Detroit, Mexico & Caesars palace car park, shows the recent explosion, you could say recovery in American popularity when as recent as 2009 Brazil was the only time in the season we visited either North or South America, as F1 still felt the effects of Indy 2005 debacle

but its a relief to be talking about a race. because a week ago it didnt look good with all the wildfires in america & canada. we might be in the imola situation, but im things must have calmed down if F1 are going, because they are more mindful of world events now, unlike previous regime's repuatation of ploughing on regardless

Canada is normally 1 of my favourite races, a great location on the island ile Notre dame with all the trees & the beaches. as with most historic circuits like Monaco, spa, Silverstone it wasn’t constructed with motorsports in mind, as it Originally built as a venue for Expo 67/worlds fair that would take place in montreal. it then laid as a white elephant for 9 years until they montreal hosted the olympics & then 2 years later F1 moved to this location after deeming mosport park too dangerous. which is what makes it a year around place because there many tourist attraction or just places of work dotted around the circuit gilles villenueve, you may have missed or seen & not known what they are, if we go in circuit order
  • on the right of the braking zone of turn 1, you have the popular with families Jean Dore Beach, which you have to purchase a ticket before your allowed entry
  • on the exit of the turn 6 & 7 chicane where Button famously won in 2012 you have the offices of island & a popular venue for weddings
  • on the entry to the hairpin on the left. the montreal biosphere will come into view that was built for the expo 67
  • on the exit to the hairpin on the left, it has boating lake that was used for 1976 olympic rowing events. on the back straight.
  • also halfway down the back straight, on the right. is the Casino de montreal
  • on the start / finish straight underneath the grandstands are 8 beach volleyball courts
  • the whole circuit is usually hope for 11 months of the year with it only being closed for F1 contrustion, is open as national park would be. so it usually used for cyclists
on this weekend, we have the usual forecast of rain that will likely never turn up. but then why break with its tradition. we will have red bull again attempting to try to win every race this season, or at least beat mclaren record in 1988 of 15 consecutive victories, but take Verstappen out of it & we would have a very interesting year because can Mercedes build on their promising upgrades, Aston Martin are bringing the own upgrade package to this race as well. that they will hope will end the blip seen at spanish gp where they went from fighting verstappen for the win to fighting ocon for 7th
not pleased 9 with time running out. & its question 8. i went through every team i could think of. but i forgot the correct answer :facepalm:
Multi Billion pound business can’t even get the CCTV sorted at the track. What a waste of time.
im with karun chandhok & andrew benson because as karun says we have marshall points so we cant lose a car its what they are there for & what andrew said that is this a show of how much they rely on internet & CCTV now as prost & senna could go around in the 80's & 90's not run over or crashing into anyone
They said it was a sync problem, it may well be that a piece of equipment was updated at the circuit and it was incompatible with the FIA or Liberty, even vice versa but nobody checked as it was OK last year, so either a software patch was required or a new interface that had to be sourced.
Whatever the reason it would come down to human error, depending on who, that will take longer to emerge and the higher the pay scale responsible.
I've said this numerous times before but once again a team spent more time watching what the opposition were doing than worrying about their own race.

Leclerc knew that slicks were the right call at the start of Q2 and told the team. Ferrari's response was that Verstappen had stayed out.

So ****ing what!!

Albon took slicks from the beginning and rightly proved that was the correct call by setting the fastest time.

It reminds me of the 1980!'s film Wargames where they teach the battle computer to play itself at noughts and crosses and it constantly draws every match.

F1' s strategists and millions of pounds of software constantly comes up with the same answers as everyone else.

It's been proven that of you break the strategy by thinking outside the box, good things will happen.

Leclerc's failure to get into Q3 was all the more painful for him because Sainz drove Q2 like an absolute moron and still managed to get through.

Sainz could have got someone killed and if I was the stewards he'd be starting from the back of the grid.
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