Grand Prix 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

To add a bit more interest to "The Show", the drivers will have to contend with dodging missiles this weekend.

Still, that's better odds than avoiding a beheading, which Saudi Arabia carried out 81 of last week.

What a lovely country.

In racing news, Ferrari top the standings for the first time since, well, meh, I don't care, because it's Ferrari.

McLaren are just as shit as ever.

Mercedes don't have the best car, again.

Red Bull possibly do, again, but as I said elsewhere hahahahahahahahahahaha ... and breathe.

K Mag put on a decent display last week.
Is he going to continue this weekend or will whoever he replaced be back?

Who did he replace anyway?
I don't recognise half the names these days.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is your PQR thread for the GP which is to be held in the murdering, terrorist supporting, despotic regime known as Saudi Arabia.

Not a nice place is it? I presume we will put up similar threads for China and the USA?

CountryTotal executed
Saudi Arabia
United States
South Sudan
North Korea
I did not know they had the death penalty in Japan.

Who said PQR threads couldn't be educational?

Brundle, Croft and Kravitz need to be careful, you can get brutally murdered for reporting events in Saudi Arabia.

Back to F1, Haas need to make hay while the sun shines as I'm certain they'll be the team that springs out of the box and then slips backwards as they can't afford to maintain the development pace.

It will be interesting to see how the new budget restrictions effect the speed at which teams can react to car issues. McLaren will be a good litmus test I suppose.
apart from that Mclaren were quite good last season, 1 win, 5 podiums & 16 top 5's

but anyway yes its morally its horrendous that we do go to some dodgy countries. but without making light of it i think its been mentioned before that F1 wouldnt have a calendar & its not the 1st or the 10th to race in these countries, should we be racing in Bahrain, Saudi, China, Baku, Qatar, Brazil or Abu Dhabi. or historically down the years Australia, Argentina, USA, Russia, India, Germany, Italy, South Africa
Morals are a Cultural and Semi religious phenomenon ....not really able to be defined in a fixed and Immutable standard even for one Country or region....Hence the impossibility of having any F1 race suitability filter based on morality.

Even saying don't go to countries with the Death penalty is dodgy... the UK has the death penalty on the statute books but we just have not carried it out since 1964.
Even saying don't go to countries with the Death penalty is dodgy... the UK has the death penalty on the statute books but we just have not carried it out since 1964.
That's not true anymore. It was removed from the statute books through EU legislation and removed from law under the Blair government. This is one of the reasons why the various armed forces discipline acts were rewritten, merged into a single act and reissued in the early 2000's. You can no longer be hung for assisting an enemy, high treason or mutiny for example.
Which state in the US applies the death penalty again ? and where does F1 race in the US ?

Back to Saudi Arabia unfortunately F1 has washed his hands with a regime that public executes people for the sake of $$$

Last year Verstappen should have been disqualified given the number of offences he committed in 1 race. Leclerc 's new found level of confidence is just what F1 needs whilst Mercedes eventually sort their car out and join the fight

Mclaren - this is going to be another painful race unless they've magically understood what the brake issues are
As there is no WEC event this week Ant Davidson and (Oh joy) Paul di Resta are back in Saudi Arabia. I thought Naomi Schiff added a very interesting perspective to the discussions in Bahrain. Not sure if she will about in Saudi, which is a shame.
the way F2 qualifying is going, FP2 could be delayed,started at 3.30pm, its 4pm & we have only done 17 mins. with 2 red flags so far
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naomi schiff was ok, i thought her questions were quite basic but it was her 1st ever weekend so im sure she will improve. i think davidson is the best analyst they have on sky pad you can tell the difference when herbert or di resta are on it

i was driving through part of FP1 so had it on radio i found it fascinating chat during the red flag, that pirelli might be on it on its final chances.
all from ocon saying that it different challenge. no better or worse & still as tough to get in operating window. for the 1st time for the 18" tyres they were given a "clear target" as pirelli have claimed theyve never been given. they were much reduced thermal deg, bigger working range & soloution to the issues where driver couldnt push tyres to limit & lost downforce with dirty air meant that after a lap the tyres overheat & you had to back off to that 2 second gap

andrew benson was saying that albeit it was only judged on the abrasive bahrain circuit 1 of most of the season, so hopefully on smoother circuits this tyres will behave as they have expected. it not a good start for them because alot of the problems still exists they were just as off pace as they would on last years tyres. still had overheating & management issues, as verstappen was saying yes they could follow better but the issues that would happen on 1st lap in 2021 in battles would now happen on 3rd lap & there was a interesting bit from co commentor sam bird who mentioned that he has driven bridgestone, michelin & pirelli. it was weird hearing him pick his words very carefully. at 1st he said that it wouldnt be fair to say which 1 was his favourite but then went on to talk about bridgestone, michelin in glowing terms & but pirelli were different to them & it served a purpose, made some great racing
if the rumours are true & that is exactly that speculation, nothing is confirmed. F1 will release a statement. i fear the worse for the F1. as incident + a full drivers & team principal meeting 10mins before sheduled start of FP2. delaying FP2 doesnt bode well

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It's ok, on Sunday going by previous form, the Saudi's will provide a tank to act as the safety car. Every one will drive 3 laps behind it. Even though they'll be under rocket attack. The FIA will then declare it a race result and award half points to everyone except Verstappen who will get double points because of human error and because Christian Horner is a moaning ****.
A brief sum up of how those talks went:

Drivers: "We don't want to race as this looks dangerous as ****"

Team Principles: "We will talk to Liberty"

Liberty: "Team principles, remember your contracts"

Team Principles: "Drivers, remember your contracts"

Drivers: "It's perfectly safe, we'll drive"

Christian Horner: "It's not our fault, it's Mercedes, They've been firing rockets to unsettle Max, They should be disqualified"
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