Grand Prix 2022 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Yeah, Baku baby! Said no one, ever.

It's time for the fourth running of the Azerbijan Azurbijun Azirbujan Baku Grand Prix, at a country on the Caspian sea. Four different winners in the four races, but only two teams have won, Red Bull and Mercedes. Previous races have been quite eventful, with safety cars, red flags, punctures, cars ramming each other, head restraints coming loose, and all sorts of other weirdness.

There is also the very unusual "single file" section through the castle, and then the longest straight on the calendar (?) where the cars could run four wide if they wanted to. In fact, after the safety car restart last they did, and as they came down in to the first corner Lewis forgot to turn off his brake warm up system, slewed down the run off area in a cloud of tyre smoke, and ended up fifteenth. Just think, had he won the race it wouldn't have mattered what Michael Masi did at Spa or in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton would have take his eight title.

There is much build up in advance of this years race about there being three teams vying for the win. I presume the pundits believe that Mercedes have sorted out enough of their aero problems for the silver cars to be able to challenge the Red Bulls and Ferraris. Not so sure myself, but it would be nice to see an actual race at the front.

Much has been made of the potential title challenge of Sergio Perez, and the "will they, won't they attitude" of Red Bull. So let me put you straight, Sergio Perez was signed as No.2 driver to Max Verstappen. Red Bull, as brand, have invested significant amounts of money in the career of Max Verstappen. If there is a choice to be made about whether Sergio or Max should win a race or a title, they will choose Max. Do not let any weasel words which drop from the lips of Christian Horner make you think anything else is likely.

This race starts at midday UK time, which clashes with the final hours of Le Mans. So you have a choice, you can either watch the pinnacle of motor sport or the Formula One race.

Here's hoping for a maiden win for George Russell. Enjoy.
im always surprised when they put this race clashing with le mans, because most F1/Motorsport will be watching the ending of that. but then FIA are a shambles at the moment. so it should be no surprise that they cant get their calendars together

but i love Baku usually 1 of the best races of the year & the season needs its it. as we had great opening 3 races & then we had a dull recent races with in my opinion. only real entertainment coming from few laps in miami, & the start of monaco GP. but then i might be a bit unfair as 2021 was a brilliant season with drama most weekends. funnily enough the only dreadful year was the 1st year because GP2 in 2016 terrified the drivers/team principals so much they because uber cautious. although the GP2 races were incredible
Most peoples reaction when Crofty says, “And now we can go to the Red Bull pit wall and speak to Christian Horner”.
What's going on down at Red Bull? That's 4 sessions now and Perez has been quicker than Verstappen in every one of them.

Sergio has finished the sessions 1st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd.

Let's go live to Christian Horner.....

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