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i was 5 - it was gripping yet terrifying but the virtual safety car was a pain we had this great duel that couldnt start because every few laps it was stopped with the constant debris. with the dirty air it looked impossible to overtake

Was it a great race? Not by any stretch. The front two were off and away all race and, without any of the shenanigans it would have been the same result.

Slightly controversially, I'm not that bothered about the track. In the 80's there were a number of tracks surrounded by high walls. Adelaide, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Long Beach all spring to mind. Some tracks more successful than others of course but, take Phoenix as an example, there were fewer collisions in the three races that were held there than there was in the one race in Saudi.

What's the difference? Drivers in the current generation of F1 cars are used to not getting seriously injured when they run into another car. These days they can't circulate the average F1 track without using 14 miles of extra run off so it's no wonder they go gaga when there's a wall in the way.

35 years ago, the lower driver penalties were having to climb out of a broken car while the more serious penalties usually involved a broken leg and a long spell on the sidelines.

I have no answers about how we make drivers respect each other and the track again but it needs to happen.
10 for sheer madness
0 for officiating by Masi
5 overall.. if it was not for Verstappen 's dirty driving Hamilton would have pulled off some terrific passes
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