Pre-Season 2020 Testing and Car Launches


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Just 1 month until testing gets underway. The new season is almost apon us.

19-21 February Barcelona
26-28 February Barcelona

Car launches confirmed
11 February Ferrari
12 February Renault
13 February McLaren
14 February Alpha Tauri
14 February Mercedes

First Race 15th March.

Not long now πŸ˜ƒ
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HAAS launch images. Bit old school Mclaren about it.
I actually am not impressed with the Haas color scheme. It is "workmanlike" and lacks any flair or pizzazz. You would think with hundreds of millions of dollars in budget, they could contract an artist or two to make the car stand-out. They are usually cheaper than engineers.
I'm in a miserable mood but...

It will always look shit when the biggest sponsorship panel just shows the team name.

It's desperate.

Even Williams don't resort to that :)
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