How well do you remember 2020 season


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i had a few hours spare, so thought you might enjoy a quiz

1) How many races from scheduled 2020 calendar were cancelled ( extra point if you can name 3 quarters of them)
13 (Australia, Vietnam, China, Netherlands, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Canada, France, Singapore, Japan, USA, Mexico, Brazil)

2) Who finished 2nd in the season opener
Charles Leclerc

3) who in fully wet qualifying the following week in nearby Styrian GP. managed to put in a great lap & be 3rd on the grid
Carlos Sainz

4) Which team was penalised for bring their drivers in for pitstop on the formation lap, to switch to the intermediates

5) can you name the 3 drivers in closing laps of British GP who suffered tyre failure
Bottas Hamilton & Sainz

6) Max Verstappen won 70th Anniversary GP to stop the mercedes dominance, but when was the last time Red Bull won at silverstone
& for extra point who
2012 - Mark Webber

7) How many Grand Prix's did the podium consist of the trio of Lewis Bottas & Max
6 - 8 - 10 - 12
8 (Styria, Hungary, 70th anniversary, Spain, Belgium, Russia, Portugal, Abu Dhabi)

8) Who were the only 2 retirements from the Belgian GP. Both in same bizarre incident
Giovinattzi & Russell

9) whose car broke down that brought out the infamous safety car. & blew the italian GP wide open

10) Gasly Victory meant that for the 1st time since which race/year. did no driver from the Big 3 teams. stand on the podium
2012 - Hungary

11) the start of 1st ever race in Mugello was certainly incident packed, How many drivers were left by Lap 8,

12) how many Drivers Excluding the Super Subs
didnt score points in 2020
0 - (1) - 2 - 3
1 - Latifi

13) After Riccardio's Podium in Nürburgring, Renault's 1st for 9 years. what did Cyril Abiteboul, promise to get
A Tattoo

14) which driver that finished 9th was the only driver to have driven the last time F1 raced at Imola
Kimi Raikkonen

15) What seasonal Record did the Emilia Romagna GP take
November 1st is the latest F1 has ever raced in europe, taking it off 1997 european GP in Jerez on 25th october

16) Who was the surprise leader of Portugese GP but ended up finishing 6th
Carlos Sainz

17) Who took their only podium of the season in Turkey
Sebastian Vettel

18) who took their 2nd podium of season in 1st Bahrain GP

19) who started George Russell dream turning into a nightmare, by spinning & bring the Virtual Safety Car out
Jack Aitken.

20) Which driver suffered the most DNFs in the 2020 season?
Kevin Magnussen

21) can you tell me what was odd reason for Q20 their retirement from 1 of the 3 italian races
Upshifts were giving them a migraine
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