Pre-Season 2020 Testing and Car Launches


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Ugly, all of them.

With that garden fence at the front they just look out of proportion from every angle.

No paint job will make them look fast or fantastic.

F1 should look sleek and powerful: this looks like a morning after curry in the carpark.


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This is my favourite time of the year. I get positively moist looking at the massive variety of design solutions brought to the table by the teams.

A few millimetres of slightly reshaped carbon fibre shows how much design genius goes into these cars.


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im glad its not me who isnt exited by these cars. because there's no vast change & there just 2019 cars & also we have the 2021 regulations coming up this is a yr like no other where nobody is really focused on 2020 in 2020. everyones eyes are on 2021

& ill get more excited when we get times on the board


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I started watching the Alpha Tauri car launch and was bored rigid. Just pull the cover off and let people have a look FFS. Anyway, here's their car:


and here's the Alfa Romeo. What a shame this is only their testing livery



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No one really knows, wait for testing LOL You can't rely on past performances as McLaren proved last year after a few disastrous seasons.
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The Williams team have stated that this is an evolution of last year's car when what was needed was a revolution. It does look like they might make testing (at least) this year


Pole last year 1.15.4

Fastest so far 1.17.375 - racing point. So all taking it easy.

Well that's faster than they managed in qualifying last year.

Russell and the new Williams nearly a full second faster than he managed in qualifying last year. Tyres, fuel load, track temp, whatever variable you want to pick, that is a very positive start 👍 (and still ahead of Kubica :D)


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Grizzly well hopefully russell can finally get into a well deserved Q2

quite enjoyed that Russell just on commentary. said that the biggest downside of being an F1 driver. is he cant watch F1 anymore. because obviously he cant avoid the result when hes in it
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