Pre-Season 2020 Predictions for season ahead


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as a 1 off because im keeping this seat warm for Greenlantern101 so we all know the thing. predictions for F1 if you want can be general motorsport or the world

then we all get to be smug or pretend they dont exist when for example some one predicted alonso to win a race in 2018
here we go

Lewis Hamilton wins the world title & matches Micheal Schumacher once thought unreachable target

Leclerc 2nd & Verstappen 3rd. Leclerc losing out in either penultimate or final round of the world championship

Ferrari finally stop self Harming & win the constructors

2020 final year of Hamilton & Bottas pairing, Hamilton either goes to Ferrari & Bottas stays. or Hamilton stays at Mercedes & Bottas goes after another poor year with Ocon & Russell in the wings

Ocon to beat Riccardo

Russell to beat Latifi in races at least 18-3

the season opener will be :censored: & Bahrain will be better

Vietnam to be fantastic & zandvoort race to be boring but then look like a thriller compared to spain

Verstappen to win dutch gp & lewis to win in britain

Kimi gets a 12 month extension to his deal

Robert Schwartzman wins the F2 title this season

Toyota don't win Le Mans

Mick Schumacher sets a pole time at Monaco. then accidently crashes at racasse so no other F2 driver can improve their time

Kubica fills in for 1 race at alfa romeo, gets on the podium passing George Russell on the final lap & on slowdown lap gets on the radio says "I told you it was the 2019 car that was :censored: not me, so you can shove your drive, where the sun don't shine, Claire"
- For the 2020 Crown - Either Max or Any of the Ferrari Driver takes it

- Lewis Hamilton will get his share of bad breaks and inconsistencies , So will his team mate Bottas who will lose his seat after

- Albon will come close to Max but not to beat him instead support strategies

- Haas Duo wil be both replaced for 2021 due to mediocre performances (as usual)

- Kimi and Giovinazzi duo will do pretty much the same, burst of performances here and there meanwhile Kubica will get a spot race or 2 during the season and will further degrade himself

- Perez will of course outperform the baby-Stroll

- Daniel will be beaten by Ocon but not by far margin, they won't have a sweet relationship by mid-season

- Torro Rosso duo will go neck to neck but whoever wins, Kvyat get the boot

- McLaren will take 4th place constructor’s championship lead by Lando (Lando has Landed) meaning no place for Alonso to return to F1, not that I want him to be back.

The above are just my predictions without being biased or picking on any of your idol driver
Thanks for stepping in F1Brits_90

Here we go.

1. No deal Brexit will still happen at the end of 2020.
2. Lewis will sign a 3 year deal at Mercedes.
3. Lewis to equal schumachers 7th title.
4. George Russel will get the Bottas seat at the end of season.
5. Vettel will retire after more silly mistakes.
6. Dan Ric will sign for Ferrari
7. A new team will be announced for 2021
8. Williams will close the gap to the tale enders
9. Max will finish the championship ahead of Bottas and LeClerk
10. Zandvoort will be a wet race and a belter
11. I won't win the lottery
12. Scotland will fail to secure a legal independence referendum. Nicola will claim it's not her fault.
13. Bernie will die
14. Sky will continue to kill F1 with the pay wall.
15. There will be a fire in the pits
1. Hamilton will probably win his 7th title because there's no change of engine or aero rules this year.

2. Ferrari will shoot themselves in the foot repeatedly when in a winning position.

3. Vettel will announce he is leaving Ferrari.

4. Max will drive well but RBR won't have the legs.

5. 21 races will make the season even more tedious.

6. I will show less interest than last year which was almost no interest at all.

7. McLaren will podium at least twice with one podium being a second.

8. The Dutch GP will be very orange.

9. The circuit changes will produce a dull as hell race.

10. Sky will talk F1 up as the best thing ever because they want to attract more subscribers.

11. Nations will continue to subdivide in smaller and smaller independent groups until the former UK is made up of 15 Million independent dwellings all surrounded by hard borders and locked in decades of trade talks in order to be able to pop to the shops and buy bread and milk.

12. Despite everyone being independent of something, nothing will change and nothing will be any better than it was before.

13. The Government will do absolutely nothing to improve people's lives. People will let them do nothing.

14. I no longer care.
1.Lewis Hamilton to win the Championship by over 100 points and claim that it was the hardest season yet. He will also say that “these are the best fans in the world” and “this is my favourite track” at all the races he wins at.

2.Bottas 3.0 will be the same as Bottas 2.0 and 1.0.

3.Max Verstappen will finish 3rd, but will show he hasn’t got the consistency to win the Championship.

4. Alex Albon will be a reliable No2 driver for Red Bull, but won’t be a threat to Max Verstappen.

5.Charles Leclerc will once again out perform Sebastian Vettel, but he won’t get more than a couple of wins this year.

6.Sebastian Vettel will show that he will be remembered as the worst 4 time Champion ever, and will retire at the end of the season.

7.Carlos Saint will once again prove that he is worthy of a top team drive.

8.Lando Norris will suffer from second season syndrome.

9.Daniel Ricciardo will keep smiling, but the results at Renault won’t be worth smiling about.

10.Esteban Ocon will replace Bottas at the end of the season.

11.Daniil Kvyat will have a solid season in the AlphaTauri .

12.Pierre Gasly will show why Red Bull got rid of him.

13.Sergio Perez will be consist in the Racing Point but that is all you expect from him anyway.

14.Lance Stroll will once again prove that unfortunately his dads money is the only reason he has a seat in F1.

15. Kimi Raikonnen won’t care what’s going on as usual.

16.Antonio Giovinazzi will be rubbish again and will spend most of the season crashing or in the gravel trap.

17.Kevin Magnussen will be a liability when he is either being lapped by the front runners or by another driver trying to pass him for position.

18.Romain Grosjean will be fired mid season and will probably blame Marcus Ericsson for his sacking.

19.George Russell will prove that he is the real deal even though his Williams will again be a back marker.

20.Nicolas Latiffi will confirm that both of the Canadian drivers who are currently in F1 are only in it due to a wealthy parent.
1. Mercedes will implode.
2. Hamilton will implode
3. Bottas will be in the middle of the pack all year.
4. Ferrari will find a loop hole to exploit to make their cars go faster.
5. Vettel will win a race, by knocking Leclerc of the track.
6. Ferrari will have a red car.
7. Williams will go into administration.
8. There will be outrage in Australia over F1 staging a race in the middle of all the fire destruction.
9. There will be climate change activists at some of the races.
10.Max Verstappen will start chasing a seat at Ferrari.
P.S. A late add on.
As David Attenborough has just upped the anti on Global Warming, by the end of 2020 Motor Sport, especially F1 will be a dirty word, with young activists demonstrating at all the races. 😄
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after current events, ill add another one to this. that F1 will keep up its long tradition plowing on pig headed with events that everyone sensible is advising them to rearrange or cancel, like japan 1976, imola 1994, bahrain 2012, japan 2014
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I think it may be the tipping-point season for F1/Formula e
It takes a big F1 team to say "**** this bollocks" and move over and F1is done. Doesn't need to be Ferrari, if Mclaren or Mercedes went that would be it.
I suspect Mercedes have made that decision.

2021 needs to be a radical improvement.
But it also has to be back where the general public can see it. On TV and able to afford to take the family to a race.

It's just too ****ing expensive for people who might become fans.
Unfortunately, whilst being amazing racing and the tech getting better, the TV viewing figures are not enough for the teams to take the gamble on Formula E. However both Williams and McLaren build quite a lot of the components for the Formula E cars and could switch and be competitive with ease (why Williams do not do this now I do not know).

I kinda feel like Formula E is a backup for Formula 1 where they are developing the tech for if the world decides Electric Cars are the way. I'm pretty sure if they do then Formula E and Formula 1 will merge keeping the Formula 1 name and history.
Really? Is that whimsical guessing or a strongly based prediction?

a bit of both, Mercedes is suffering quite badly financially and what is happening in China will impact them quite heavily, there have also been a number of repuitable sources who hinted to the fact that Mercedes is looking for a way out of F1. If you add to that that I don't see how the other teams / PU manufacturers can accept another season dominated by Mercedes (who while doing a great job have also been responsible for writing the rules of the PU formula and had over one and a half year advantage over the other teams), enough is enough, Mercedes IMHO has 3 options after 2020 (I believe that they will close the current formula in style with the WDC and WCC): either retire in style or accept that it's now someone else's turn to take the silverware home or be responsible for the collapse of F1, I assume that they would take the first option, a bit like they did in 1955
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