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Argentina should never have been awarded a penalty and they were also not penalised for a blatant deliberate handball.
yeah he clipped him but it was a soft penalty. we seeing more of these soft penalties come into the game with VAR, proven by another soft penalty to give the French a lifeline with 10 mins to go

which was the handball as struggling to place it. was that for 3-2
I wonder if the premiership will refuse to buy any of the Argentinian team that took part, not following that game I have no idea if any of them play in the English teams. Having lived in Scotland for 40 odd years football is not a game, it's a sectarian battle based on Ireland, it's not a minority of fans there and I'm not sure how much of a minority it is amongst English fans.
cider_and_toast like the hand of god & Maradona, i cant understand why you wouldn't like it, because i understand how big & emotive the Falkland war was & ive got a few friends who were around then, that when the news of Pochettino was leaking would rather have anyone but him. because they cant stand a Argentinean in charge. to a much lesser extent why i dont like david seaman.

but appartantly its a popular song in Argentina that started with the fans, & moved on the players. i cant be too upset for it. i wasnt around & that. it just seems a bit like gloating about the big rivals Brazil & England.

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Dartman 5 of current 26 play in the premier league. Emi Martinez (Aston Villa), Lisandro Martinez (Man Utd) Cristian Romero (Tottenham) Alexis MacAllister (Brighton) Julian Alvarez (Manchester City) & Juan Foyth, Nicolas Otamendi, Angel Di Maria. have all played in the premier league
Ossie Ardiles wasn't like that and despite his country invading the Falklands, he stayed in the UK, ignored the political outfall and continued to play for Spurs, he still lives here, perhaps they should take his example.
great point Dartman & id add Ricky Villa to that point. my guess is that the effect of propaganda.

i feel england players wouldnt act like that because of the cultures. if england fans were singing songs like that about scotland & germany. media would cruify them. where as i think argentinan media love it & would applaud it
So because the media and public support a morally dubious choice it's ok.

Thanks for revealing so much.
in this situation. its not what is right & what is wrong. it is what is deemed right & wrong by people in that country & there reaction because without going on a tangent. if right & wrong went the way you thought it would. it would andrew & not harry as the royal that people are attacking

so you realise that different cultures & countries have different attitudes to things. as english we are more reserved than other countries. where as South america are very different. just look at how loved Luis Suarez is in uruguay. despite everything he has done. we know for a fact that if video leaked of english singing in the dressing room. "scotland/wales get battered everywhere they go" they would be on the front page of every newspaper with people condemning their actions on tv left right & centre with an apology by lunchtime following the victory by harry kane

i checked clarin. which is the largest newspaper in Argentina & the 2nd most popular Spanish language newspaper in the world. youll never guess. there was nothing. not front page not anywhere that i could see on either the 14th or 15th. that talked about that video only talks about the semi final victory. so i can only conclude, because my opinion is irrelevant because im not Argentinan or live in Argentina. that either the video hasnt made it there or it has & they have no issue with it
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