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How did you rate the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix Out Of Ten

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Super Hero And All Round Good Guy
Decent start, dull middle, decent chase for the podium at the end.
Lewis a gent in swapping back on the line.

Middle of the road 5
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A real race of 3 halves ;) First 10 laps were fun and the last 20 also. Complete dull fest for the rest of it so 6.
I want to get by, I can't get by, won't you let me try and get by? If I can't get by I'll let him back by.

I was bored. Bye Bye.

Not a classic. Gets a 4 for the odd good bit.
Had a feeling in my bones McLaren would do well today and so they did.:thumbsup:

A big shame Merc lost the radio and didn't release Lewis earlier , he may still not have got past but his tyres would have been fresher to try. He was clearly a lot faster than Bottas today.
Merc are playing a different game to Ferrari. Ferrari protected one driver at the expense of the other , Merc gave them both a chance. Those points Lewis could have gained by staying ahead of Valteri at the end could be the difference between winning or losing the championship. But I'll take that. I think he did the right thing, I'm glad he waited for Valteri and gave the place back.
It's a big pain these F1 cars can't easily overtake. The GP2 cars can. GP2 race today was full of overtakes! OLi Roland went from 8th ( I think) to 2nd.
Anyway. I digress. Large periods I was playing games on my iPad :o Not good. But there were a few exciting bits. I think maybe a 6.​
6 - i but on the race thread. Uneventful 1st half but very interesting Hungarian GP with how it panned out. Probably 2nd slowest driver in top 5 won the race which was strange
Slightly intriguing for very short spans. Then realising it was Hungary, and overtaking is nigh on impossible, it was fairly clear that nothing dramatic was too likely following the pit stops.

The most exciting events were in the press pit.

Suck my balls.....

I gave it a 5 and that's one more than it should have been just because Kimi made me laugh twice. Once when he interrupted the Sky F1 Di Resta love in by coming on the radio and saying he was shite and the second when he rolled his eyes at DC on the podium after being asked to say something in Finnish and said "they all speak English"
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Over on this side of the world I was up until just after 2.00am so I could see the end of the GP and listen to a few after race interviews so it seems fair to give it 7. :yawn:
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It got a 5 from me, mainly for McLaren's double points finish & Eric Boullier's complete lack of enthusiasm for the fact. Max Verstappen actually looked genuinely contrite for his cock-up too, which was good to see.
My 8 consisted in 4 for the race, 1 for Hamilton giving the place back, 1 for a McLaren being in the points, 1 for another McLaren being in the points and 1 for a McLaren having the fastest lap.
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