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Brilliant race, genuine overtaking thank god. Max a total star today, made the race for me. Action all the way through. Nice RB fight at the end. Lewis even won. Such a huge relief after the 2 overtake bore fest that was Australia.

An 8.
6 It was a good race, lots of action, it didn't have me on my feet though, Max was entertaining and was my driver of the day. I'd like to see the teams a little closer.
As I can't give a 6 1/2 I'll round up to a 7. Had it's moments but was ultimately predictable. Max was good value and the man who can't overtake managed to stick a move on his team mate and Daniel Ricciardo.
Interesting up until the mid point of the race then Mr Fast Forward put in an appearance.

Picked up a little at the end with the two RBRs having a go.

Not a bad race overall so a 7 from me.
4 out of 10. The last complete lap I can remember is lap 32, then I saw Hamilton cross the line. I travelled in time I guess. :D
4 out of 10. The last complete lap I can remember is lap 32, then I saw Hamilton cross the line. I travelled in time I guess. :D

I know what you mean, i travelled in time for mexico eprix missed the middle 10 laps. Woke up extremely confused, hadnt a clue what was going on
6 from me. Woke up too late so watched the recording, a lot of it on fast forward, returning to normal speed whenever something interesting happened. Hence missed a load of commentary but 'saw' the race. Max pulled it up from a 5 but a 6 still feels generous. The dull backdrop and empty grandstands at China don't help, not a big fan of that track.

Edit: downgraded to a 5
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The first third of the race was pretty exciting and there were a bunch of non-DRS passes, which was great. It appears that with these cars, DRS doesn't help much so drivers are finding other ways around. I can't believe how long drivers can follow on the gearbox of other cars without damaging the tires. There was a train of cars for a long time then when Seb finally made it past, he still had tires to match Lewis's lap times. There seems to be less marbles with these tires and drivers are running around off line to make passes, it's really encouraging. I thought it was a 7/10 but gave an extra point for Lewis getting a Grand Slam
It could have been a good race but for a rookie. After that the result was easy to forecast.Verstappen had a good start and managed to avoid carnage and control his torque, this took him past most of the field. The carnage spoilt it though.

Raikonnen should have had the decency to move over, he clearly is no longer on the ball when it comes to the race. All those laps when he was not getting past Ricciardo were put in perspective when Vettel made fairly short work once he got the chance.

During qualifying Hamilton was 14 kph quicker than Alonso through the speed trap so his chances ware non-existent when Bottas went past him; for most of the race he seemed to be in a world of his own with the car in front of being 6 seconds ahead and the one following him being about 6 seconds behind. If only McLaren had a decent engine they could well be pushing close to the front; but they haven't and aren't.

The Renaults are in a better place than McLaren engine wise and I suspect that they will be supplying something worthwhile for RBR before the end of the season, but their car simply is not there.

Williams seem to have flattered to deceive in winter testing but with Massa their only driver the position is not totally clear.

The rest of the field are there to make up the numbers and fight for the bottom 4 scoring places but the gaps between the cars are enormous.

China is a one off race, the problems with F1 will come more to the fore in Bahrain.

And as for those empty grand stands......................
Whilst I appreciate the early starts aren't for some and the technology now exists for you to record the race and fast forward through the "boring" bits at high speed and without the VHS bellowing smoke, I feel that the race ratings may suffer because of this.

I feel you may be missing out on the "experience" somewhat. It's a bit people who go to a gig and record it on their phone so they can watch it back at home with distorted sound and a shit picture, just kind of missing the point.

I get it if there's 30 laps of safety car but still.

I thought it was a good race. Max, had stormer of a race, one error, a bit of whinging at the end because the blue flags weren't out, even though he wasn't close enough, but we can forgive him, he was excellent.
Some good overtakes from Vettel.
Danni all over Max at the end.
Kimi screaming down the radio.
Alonso in the top ten for much of the race.
Perez in fighting fettle (I like Perez and he was my choice to replace Rosberg)
Faultless performance from Lewis and the Grand Slam.
Gotta be an 8
Speshal I agree with you about not quite getting the same buzz watching a later recording and I try and take that into account in my ratings. Those early starts are a killer though.
For me it was no problem at all and then along came two kids. Now I get on average about 5 hours sleep a night between Sunday and Thursday. My weekend sleeps are very very precious. I may, if I'm lucky, get an extra few hours on Saturday and Sunday morning.
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